Young Thug Net Worth 2018

By | April 18, 2018

Music industry had not been so fascinating until its hip hop genre was introduced with some unconventional vocals by an American hip hop artist Jeffery Lamar Williams; professionally known as ‘Young Thug’.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 9’ 1992, this leo rock star solely began his music career by releasing first three installments of his series ‘I came from nothing’ in 2011 and 2012. These mixtape series captured attention of Atlanta based rapper Gucci Mane. Fortune had already ringed the bell of Thug’s door; even the critics of music could not resist acknowledging his work for it’s originality.

Young Thug

When his songs ‘About the money’ (2014) and ‘Lifestyle’ (2014) hit the set, he earned sheer appreciation. In such a ripe age, he scored popularity as well as wealth. His net worth is reported to be $1.5 million.

Thug has released 12 mixtapes, 17 singles and 1 studio album. All these songs of Young Rapper clinched higher positions on Billboard Rap Top 100. The originality of his vocals also earned him several awards. His record labels include 1017 Records, 300 Entertainment Records and Asylum Records.

This rapper appears to be so furious in all businesses that he has been arrested several times because of driving recklessly, driving under influence of drugs, possession of marijuana and cocaine and for threatening to kill security guard. Where he possesses the occupations of singer, song writer, rapper and record producer, we hope not to see him as traffic law breacher any soon.

Thug! After all you don’t have to waste your wealth on roads!

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