Young Chop Net Worth 2019

Young Chop is a young American rapper as well as record producer. He is also a very successful businessman. He rose to fame very quickly in 2012 when he released three consecutive hit songs. In 2013, he went to release his debut album and it came in handy to prove Young Chop’s talent, excellent music skills and dedication for his work.

He further went to found the Chop Squad Records and became a successful rapper. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented young artist and rappers in the US. He makes most of his wealth from his songs, albums and singles. His current net worth is reported to be around $3 million.

Early Life

Tyree Pittman who is popular as Young Chop in music and rap industry was born in 1993 in Chicago, United States. When it comes to his family, there is no particular information. However he has a brother with the name of Johnny May Cash. He became a victim of gang fights in his early life but he never lost hope. He had a passion for music when he was a child.


Young Chop

That passion led to a successful music career and he went to emerge as a successful and talented singer and rapper. At the age of 11 he started making beats as well as rhymes. He got help from his cousin who was senior to him and he assisted him write songs. In the next few years, he started writing his own songs.

There are no reports about his early life and education so we would be including details about his career, success and achievements in life. He after staring his music career on his own went to become a member of the music band at that time.

He worked for them and did a number of singles and mix tapes. Now the talented rapper and singer has his own independent company named as SoundKitWiz. He has an official websites with the same name and offers his services to the producer and artists. He has worked with best and popular artists and producers in the entertainment industry.

He had a good number of music deals with producer and went to earn a lot of wealth. He also signed a deal with Warner Bros and the deal offered him really a handsome amount. Such deals have been best for the younger rapper and he was successful to build his net worth and make properties around the world.

As mentioned earlier he has worked with famous artist and producers and such cooperation was very helpful in his career. He was successful in getting more gigs and music deals to increase his net worth.

Personal Life

In short, Young Chop has come a long way since his beginning. He was raised in a poor family and never went to study at school but he has made his name in the world. All the fame and wealth is the product of his hard work and dedication for what he does. Nowadays, he is settled in Hollywood and keeps his personal life private.

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