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By | June 2, 2018

Wiley is a well-known English rapper. He is a songwriter and a DJ as well. He has a special aptitude for music. He is also a record producer as well as a famous musician. Because of his popularity in music, he is known as a master of ceremonies. He is also a business entrepreneur. The overall estimated net worth of Wiley is $6 million.

Biography and wiki

Wiley was born on 19th January 1979 in England. His birth name was ‘Richard Kylea Cowie’. Due to his personality, he is also known as ‘King of Grime’, Phase One’, ‘God father of Grime’ as well as ‘Eskiboy’. His father was also a music artist but having interest in Raggae music. His father also has a taste for hip-hop version songs.


Wiley took interest in music when his father introduced him to drums. He dreamed of becoming a music star because of his love for Music love that transferred from his father to him. Both are music addict and lovers. He lived ten years with his grandmother but at the same time wanted to live with his father. He has a wife and two daughters.


Wiley started his career from music. In the early life, he starts singing in different areas of his surroundings. He went to SS crew with his college where they sang hip-hop songs and got success. In 2001, He used to produce instruments singles in his area and in 2002, the group of collective friends achieved their goal and included in ‘top 20’.

Wiley, in 2004, introduced his first album called ‘Treddin on thin ice’. It was the super hit album of Wiley. In 2008, He released his new album titled ‘Grime waves’ as years passing he became more popular because of his singing, rapping producing and recording music. He raised as a DJ after working in the music industry.

Wiley introduced free downloading via his Twitter page. In 2010, he reveals the way to free download via 11 zip files. In 2011, He released the radio edit up on iTunes as ‘link up’.

Wiley, in 2013, rewarded at many shows and programs.in 2015, He released an EP on his new record label named as ‘chasing the art record’.

Awards and achievements

Wiley is the best musician and a well-known English rapper as well. He received an MBE from the New Year’s honors. He feels very happy for this. He got the title of godfather of grime. He dedicated his life to music and achieved rewards of honor and a huge fan base.

Net worth of Wiley

Wiley is a well-known songwriter as well as a famous DJ. In addition, he is a record producer and an English rapper as well. He is also a businessperson. He is an excellent artist of music. His net worth is estimated at $6 million.

Summing up, we can say that Wiley proves that if you have a passion for anything you dedicate your life to that passion and earn success through it.

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