Varun Dhawan Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Varun is one of the youngest and most talented Indian actors. He was born on 24 April, 1987. So it’s quite obvious that he is a very young actor but what makes him special is that he is a kind of complete package for any producer and director.

In the entertainment industry, you can only survive if you know how to engage your fans and audience and Varun is one of the actors. He makes most of his money from movies, advertisement and endorsements. According to multiple sources, his current net worth is $15 million and it will see hike in the next few years.

Varun Dhawan

There is an interesting thing he shared with the fans that his birthday on the same day of Sachin Tendulkar, who he believes his favorite person in the world. When it comes to his idol or favorite actor, he considers Govinda is the person who motivated him a lot. And if we compare, he is quite like Govinda in acting. Govinda is a talented comedian and dancer and so is Varun. That’s quite a great thing he is following the footsteps of his idol.

Early Life

Varun was born into a family that has background in the film industry. His father David Dhawan is a producer and mother Karuna Dhawan is also attached with Bollywood. So it was not that difficult for him to enter the film industry. But what matters is how you develop a great fan following and achieve success in the competitive environment. He completed his business management degree from England and returned to India.

Before making his debut, he worked with Karan Johar as an assistant during the production of film “My Name is Khan”.


And this collaboration with Karan Johar paved the way for his entry in Bollywood. Karan Johar introduced him in his movie “Student of the Year” along with Sidarth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt. This was the first movie he worked in and it became popular very soon. The movie was about the college students and the competitive environment of the colleges. It was really a great movie for any actor who was making his debut.

After that movie, he has been featured in a number of other movies. He worked with many top rated actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in their romantic movie, Dilwale. He has also made many movies successful single handedly. The recent example was Badlapur where he was presented in form of an aggressive man.

He takes revenge of his wife and child who were killed fifteen years ago. That was truly an amazing movie. Varun has proved to the producers and directors that he can make any movie successful and superhit.


He has been dating a number of beautiful Indian actresses. He had a relationship with Alia Bhatt that didn’t last long and they ended up with a breakup. He was even in relationship with Sar and Tapssee Pannu. But nowadays Natasha Dalal and they seem to be serious with each other.

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