Uberhaxornova Net Worth 2018

By | April 9, 2018

Gaming, YouTube, commentaries on different events and games are a few domains which are really gaining popularity nowadays. Not only these areas are of high value, the people who contribute to these areas are gaining the status of celebrities. There is a large number of fans who follow such social media personalities. One such personality is: UberHaxorNova.

Born on 1st June, 1990, UberHaxorNova is a YouTuber from America. His real name is James Richard Wilson, Jr. he is also a gamer and commentator. He has been a part of TheCreatureHub, which is a group of commentators known famously for their commentaries on games and other areas of entertainment.  James, however, is now a part of CowChop, along with his previous colleague ImmortalHD.


He also runs another channel called NovaPipeBomb. In his own channel, he has currently introduced only the WWE gaming videos. His primary channel is quiet famous and is reported to have more than 3 million subscribers!


In 2008, James started to make a lot of videos of Machinima on his channel. He also added a few Let’s Play videos to his channel, initially. At that time, he didn’t have a proper computer for gamming so he gave his work a break for a while. Once he retuned back to YouTube, he started to post videos about Machinima Respawn. He started commentaries on his primary channel.

He eventually shifted his focus towards commentaries. He soon started to follow multiplayer games and started making videos with other YouTubers from Machinima. He made interactions with the Creatures and later became a part for the Creatures himself. His videos are more popularly known for their stylish intro and James is famous for his work on thumbnails. For a charity work, he got his hair and beard dyed. His beard was blonde and his hair went pink.

He has more than 5K videos uploaded to his channel. He is quiet frequent in uploading videos. Generally he uploads one to two videos a day. He is quiet active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Merch. His most viewed video is titled: Wool.

Played Games

Nova has played a lot of games. Some of them have been finished on his channel. Others have been left unfinished and other Youtuber took those games and finished on their channel. He has played 48 episodes of MineCraft. He has also played the same number of episodes for Craft Crossing V3. He has also uploaded videos about the game Survival Island V4. He has uploaded 11 episodes so far. He played Hershels World Minez with Danz in 31 episodes. He has done 10 videos on Super Meat Boy and 6 videos on Dark Souls 2

Cathy phrases

Nova has introduced phrases that have gone viral over the web like: Bloop!, He dead ( while playing The Walking Dead and a person dies), YOU BROKE THE RULES! (said mostly in rage), LITTLE BOY! (used mostly when playing Happy Wheels).

Net worth of UberHaxorNova

Nova has a net worth of 3.5 million US Dollars.

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