Trey Songz Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Trey Songz is an American rapper and singer. He rose to fame for his amazing music and songs full of fun, humor, spirituality and reality. So far, the singer has done more than ten albums and this shows how amazing and hardworking he is. Interestingly, he was a shy kind in the childhood and entered music industry after his friends and family pushed him. And luckily, he got his first music deal of worth $100,000. He earns most of his wealth from music, albums, concerts and online music. His current net worth is around $10 million.

Early Life

The young and talented Trey was born in 1984 in Virginia. His childhood spent in different areas and he lived like a military brat. His father served in military and he was stationed to different places and locations. This is how Trey had the chance to visit many places and live there.

There was inner passion and desire to become a rapper and singer but as he was shy, he could not help himself in this regard. This was the family and friends who came for his rescue and advised the lad to start singing and start his career as a singer.

Trey Songz


With the help of friends and family, Trey was introduced to the famous producer Troy Taylor and he helped him get a deal with Atlantic Records. This was his very first deal in music career and he was paid $100,000 in advance for working with the band. After receiving such a huge amount of money in his first deal, Trey started working on his debut album.

It was a huge success and he went to release more albums one after the other. After fame and success, Trey worked with a number of famous bands, producers and singers. These projects ultimately helped him get richer and increase his net worth with every passing day.

His career is not just limited to rap and singing. He has tried his luck in movies as well. He was a part of few movies but could not emerge as a great actor. Throughout his career, he had deals with the best and most famous brands of the world.

Now, he has a number of endorsements, commercials and advertisement projects. He makes money from all these sources and has come up as one of the richest singers. It all started with a shy kid who never knew how to utilize and cash out his talent. Once the family and friends had given him a kick, he went to become as the finest and richest rapper of his time.

Personal Life

Trey is one of the celebrities who have dated more than a dozen girls. He has been reported to be in relationship with many girls but his current girlfriend is Khloe Kardashian. Trey is not a guy who loves to show off his wealth. He bought a house in a hilly area and has established as a masterpiece. When it comes to cars, he owns just a Mercedes Benz and loves his very much.

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