Tonya Banks Net Worth 2018

By | April 15, 2018

Tonya Banks is the living example of a legend and a courageous person that might have lived ever. In spite of being short in height, she made herself so much capable that she was finally cast in a film playing the lead role. In fact she deserves the credit for playing the lead role in a film even after being a short person. She has performed in a feature film breaking all the norms of the film industry and has proved herself because of the pure and immaculate work.

Tonya Banks

Early Life:

Tonya Banks was born on 7th of July in 1964 in Carson. Tonya Banks had the genetic disorder of dwarfism also known as Achondroplasia which ultimately resulted in her short stature. Even then this factor did not become the cause of affecting her popularity in her filming career. In fact she has become famous for many of her films like Death to Smoochy, The Internship Games and many others.


Usually it is a norm that little people do not go to schools or colleges. They normally end up joining the circus as acrobats or clowns. There is no record available of Tonya attending the school but she made the difference by changing her destination. She did not end up in joining the circus but she chose to excel in the field she chose by joining the film industry and proved what she meant.

It was a general vies about Tonya that her short height might become a limiting factor in her fame and work but according to Tonya herself, this character is the biggest asset of her personality and that she has learned to live with it not to take it as a factor of shame.

Career of Tonya Banks:

Tonya Banks actually falsified all the typical and stereotype concepts about the people like her. It is a common belief that people like short height end up in comedy roles and work more often as comedians and clowns. However Tonya’s experience was much more different. She was made for performing serious roles actually. Her acting is so intense that she wins the hearts of her viewers. She is not only a good actor but she is also a remarkable stunt artist as well.

These qualities were boldly depicted in a comedy film named Bad Santa. She has done a lot of roles of little women in her career. Later on she was also chosen by Hollywood industry and got a lead role in TV shows as well.

Personal Life:

Tonya married a fellow actor Kerwin Johnson. Even though the relationship of the couple was quite ambiguous, it lasted for fifteen years and now she is a single mother of a daughter. She is a very strict mother and is totally against socializing of her daughter with men. Her daughter is also a very obedient girl.

Tonya Banks Net Worth

The net worth of Tonya Banks is about 900 thousand dollars. Although this amount may not seem quite large but in comparison with other actors in the field, one clearly understands that Tonya is doing really well in her career in spite of her physical stature.

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