Tito Ortiz Net Worth 2018

By | June 1, 2018

Tito is a renowned craftsman whose major field of expertise is mixed martial arts. He was a capable craftsman and he won a lot of titles for his brilliance in his field. He was also the owner of many titles like the Ultimate Fighting Championship title and the title of Light Heavy Weight Championship. He was not only a gifted fighter and a craftsman, but he was also the man earning the title of principal star of the game.

Tito Ortiz

In 2006 he had battled with the famous craftsmen of hi time like Ken Shamrock, Liddell and Forest Griffin. These battles turned the tables of fame for him and his rating was increased much more times than it was before. However now he has resigned form battling. But prior to resigning, he also became the Chief Executive Officer of the Clothing Company named Punishment Athletics. Similarly he also was a part of MMA which is also called as the Punishment Training Centre.

Early Life:

The real name of Tito Ortiz was Jacob Christopher Ortiz and he was born in January 1975. His mother’s name was Joyce and that of his father was Samuel Ortiz. He was one year old when his father called him by the nickname of Tito. Later on this name became the source of his professional recognition as well.

In fact Ortiz always remained to be a power figure for many of the aspirants. He is a man strongly linked with MMA and the individuals who read about MMA will definitely read about him.


It was in 1997 when Tito was first introduced to MMA. This was at UFC 13 and he was still a school going student at that time. His first battle was at the West Coast NHB Championship 1 which he won against Jeremy Secretion. In addition to this he also battled at the UFC 18 against a well-known craftsman Jerry Bohlander. He was a champion of Light Heavyweight Championship but he was defeated by Tito Ortiz.

Tito continued to appear in UFC competitions and he faced Randy Couture in UFC 44. This time he lost but then in UFC 47, he again confronted with Chuck Liddell and lost again. In 2005 he fought again with Forrest Griffin and Shamrock and defeated both of them. Then in 2007 he confronted with Rashad Evans and the match ended in a draw.

Ortiz continued to appear and get linked with the UFC and he finally turned into a free operator. In 2011, Ortiz battled against Ryan Bader and won. After that he appeared in a rematch with Rashad Evans and this time he lost. Then he again lost to Nigeria.

Awards and achievements:

Ortiz gave an appearance in Bellator 120 in 2014 and he battled Alexander Shlemenko in this platform. He finally won this battle. Then in Bellator 131 in the same year, he confronted with Stephan Bonnar and also won this battle. In 2017, his battle at the Bellator 170 was the last one of his career in which he confronted with Chael Sonnen and finally won.

Net Worth of Tito Ortiz:

Ortiz confronted with a lot of wins during his battling career and also some misfortunes. It is accepted even by his rivals that he also had a decent battle and always safeguard his entitlements. His total assets have been evaluated to be of $16 million.

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