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By | June 16, 2018

Timothy Hawking is the youngest child of the well-known theoretical physicist, cosmologist writer and Research Director Stephen Hawking and his ex-wife, Jane Beryl Hawking who was an English writer, and educationalist.

Family and Personal Life:

His mother is better known due to her writing of the memory entitled Travelling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen on which a film entitled ‘The Theory of Everything” was based. This movie got several nominations for Academy Award.

Tim’s grandparents, from his mother’s side, are Beryl Wilde George and Wilde, while Isobel Hawking and Frank Hawking are from his paternal side.

Timothy Hawking

Tim’s parents, Jane Hawking and Stephen Hawking got engaged in 1964 and tied their knot on 14 July 1965. However, they parted their ways in 1990. In 1996, his mother married to Jonathan Hellyer Jones. On the other hand, his father married to Elaine Mason who was a nurse by occupation, in 1995.

Later, in 2006 Hawking and Mason parted their ways. Jane kept on supporting Hawking, who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease. Even after their divorce.

Tim is having a sister named Lucy Hawking who is an English reporter and writer by occupation. She works for the Daily Mail, New York magazine, the London Evening Standard, The Telegraph, The Guardian as well as The Times.

Tim is biologically not the son of Stephen Hawking, albeit he calls Stephen as his father. He is, in actual fact, the son of Jonathan Hellyer Jones, however, is having Hawking, as his surname instead of Jones.
Tim is unmarried at the present. In addition, he is not in a relationship with anyone.

Qualification and Career:

Timothy Hawking went to Exter University in England. He graduated in Spanish and French language. Subsequently, he attended the University of Birmingham to keep on doing his studies and also worked as an account manager for some little agencies in the United States.

Tim collaborated with LEGO as a loyalty administrative after gaining considerable experience and enthusiasm. At the present, he is working for a renowned toy company. Though, contrasting to his dad, Tim possesses a low profile in terms of profession.

Obsessed to Motor-Racing:

Tim shared an obsession for motor-racing with his father, Stephen Hawking and they got the association of Formula 1 supremo Frank Williams, often, looking at the races from the Williams team pit.

He once told in an interview that his dad is losing his voice which was incongruously the period when he built a deep bond with his distinctively able dad.

Timothy’s Confession:

Tim, in a documentary aired on BBC, made a confession about the way he used to incorporate swear words into the speech machine of his father and ran prank. In spite of knowing the inability of his father to talk properly, still, he managed to be happier and go to meet his dad, cheerfully.

Timothy owns a spirit of wandering which he has portrayed attractively in Instagram views. He loves his dogs, and capture’s pictures of his dog in nearly all his images.

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