The Dream Net Worth 2019

The Dream is a famous singer and songwriter. He is widely known in the world for his outstanding voice and amazing collection of songs. He became famous after the won the award BET Award for Best New Artist of the year in 2008. He has produced, written and released a number of albums and solos. Most of the albums he released were hit and he earned a great fame as well as wealth. He makes most of his money from the albums, songs and concerts. His current net worth is reported to be $12 million.

Early Life

Terius Youngdell Nash who is popular as The Dream was born in 1977 in North Carolina. When it comes to the family and education of the singer, there is no particular information. However, when he was five they moved to Atlanta and he lived with his mother. His grandfather also moved with them. He went to attend a school and developed passion for music during the school days. He learned to play trumpet and then acquired skills to play the drums as well as guitar.

The Dream

The Dream was unlucky that his mother died in 1992 when he was fifteen. The demise of his mother incited a passion to write songs and he believed that incident made him even more confident and a calm person. His grandfather also helped a lot and he made him become a humble, kindhearted man with great ethics. The death of the mother created a soft spot in his heart for women and he went to write songs on even empowerment.


When it comes to his professional career in singing, it started in 2011 when he met R&B producer Stewart and he proved to be a great help for The Dream. The producer assisted him in getting a publishing contract after he had written Everything, his song. He became very popular and a great sensation in the music industry. The Dream further went to work with a number of other famous singers and wrote songs as well. He even did write Britney Spear’s song Me Against the Music derived from her album In the Zone.

It was 2007 when Nash signed a deal with Def Jam Recordings and started working on his debut studio album. The album presented Rihanna and Fabolous and was a great hit for him. This album proved that he is an outstanding writer, composer and producer. Further he released more albums one after the other and paired with T-Pain. However, he felt he could that better with Kanye West. In 2010, he released his fourth album and announced that it would be the best of his album he has ever released.

The Dream has become a great singer and songwriter. The experience made him even a better singer and person as well. He is earning a lot of money these days and his net worth proves that too. In 2012 alone he made over $15 million and went to become one of the richest singers in the US.

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