Terra Jole Net Worth 2018

By | April 15, 2018

Terra Jole is not only a famous producer and singer but also very well known as a TV celebrity and actress as well. She is well known because of her reality TV performances. She was starred in the show Little Women: LA and she has been dancing with the guest celebrity stars in the show. These performances have made the celebrity very famous in the showbiz world. She is basically a person carrying a congenital disorder of dwarfism but she has learnt to live with it and is actually living a very good life. Her height is only 4’2”.

In the beginning she moved to LA because of her passion because she wanted to become a singer. She has been well known all over the world because of her good and refined nature and her manners. She is a clear illustration of the saying “Good things come in small packages”.

Terra Jole

Personal Life:

Full name of Terra Jole is Terra Jole Odmark and she was born on 25th of May in 1980 in the state of Texas in USA. She has one sibling and they are children of Richard Odmark and Isabel Odmark. Terra Jole has got a lot of influence of her mother Isabel Odmark and she has also admitted this fact. She herself is a very good mother, a love of animals and rescuer of a dog and all these characteristics are influenced by her mother.

Terra Jole married Joe Gnoffo whom she met on the set of Little Woman. They both live in the city of California in LA and are blessed with two children, a daughter and a son. Her husband Joe Gnoffo was a criminal and he was arrested for causing damage to property in 1999. At that time he was sentenced a fine of $400 and a community service of 40 hours. But now he is a noble person and has recovered from his past.

Terra Jole’s daughter Charlevoix Gnoffo is also reported to suffer from the same dwarfism as her mother. The exact name of this disease is achondroplasia and the person suffering from this disease has to be monitored closely for the rest of his life.

Terra Jole Business Model:

Apart from being an actor and singer, Terra Jole is a very intelligent woman. She is also a producer of two reality TV shows. These TV shows are Little Woman L.A and Terra’s Little Family. Presently she is the member of Producers Guild of America.  Before her successful production in TV show she was also spotted in CSI, The Hung-over Games and Jackass 3D. She wrote her own song “Booty Bee” and Also released it.

Terra Jole Net Worth

According to careful estimates, the net worth of Terra Jole is $1 million. She is both an actor and producer and basically belongs from Texas. Her main share of earning is from singing and acting. As a singer she released two music singles of her own and an album of children song which she dedicated to her daughter.

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