Steven Seagal Net Worth 2018

By | April 14, 2018

For people who love actions movies and also martial arts, Steven Seagal is not a new name. Steven is a famous and well-known actor and martial artist. He was born in 1952 in Lasing and has worked in a number of good movies. He also works as a producer for his own movies. When it comes to his net worth, there are no particular confirmations. However, we have learned that his net worth, nowadays, is between $12-15 million.

His career didn’t start as an actor and martial artist. He born into a family that was living a normal life. His father was a teacher while his mom worked as a nurse. He attended his school and colleges and learned martial arts as well.

Steven Seagal

Rather, when he was 17 he travelled to Japan to teach English. That was the time he improved his martial arts’ skills. He moved back to the US and started working as a bodyguard and arts instructor. Before 1988, he never worked in a movie. He got his first role in Above the Law and after that he became very famous. Even, he was the most sought-after action star of 1990.

It’s interesting to note that his martial arts skills and working as a bodyguard bagged him roles in movies. When he returned to the US, he provided security to a number of celebrities. Michael Ovitz was one of them and she, later, became his wife. After marriage, she also helped him work in movies and make films for Warner Bros. After that, he didn’t look back and has worked in many movies. Many of his films produced a lot of money and he was great action star of that time.

Like any other celebrity or actor, there is a story associated with his career and why he has no special roles these days. According to a report by Celebrity Glad website, he was a multi-talented actor but was arrogant and overconfident. The website believes his current net worth is very low and there are reasons after that. He has been producing and acting in his own movies.

He produced movies for himself with a lot of Steven Seagal stuff. He seems to be a person who loves praising himself and this is the reason he failed. The website continued to add, he was a very arrogant person and there came a time when he started thinking himself the best actor and producer in the world. And this arrogance caused a lot of troubles for him in the later life and career.

Steven has also been in the news and media because of his mysterious life. He once told that he has affiliations with CIA and works for the very agency. However, people didn’t believe in what he said. He has dated many celebrities and married a few as well.

He has a number of children, no exact number reported. If we see his current his net worth, it’s nothing when compared to what he used to earn when he was getting regular roles. In addition to his net worth, he also owns a house in Arizona of worth $5 million.

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