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By | April 12, 2018

Derek McAlister well-recognized as Speaker Knockerz was a Californian hip-hop artist. He was also a musician and rose to fame due to his contribution to the hip-hop plus music industry. The predictable net worth of Speaker Knockerz is $300,000.

Biography& Wiki

Knockerz was born on 6 November 1994 in California. His father was incarcerated for ten years. His mother brought him to South Carolina from New York for giving his son a better living environment. He attended Kelly Mill Middle School and then Ridge View High School for elementary and higher education.  Adding to it, he later went to new West wood High School.

Speaker Knockerz

Speaker Knockerz returned to his father after knowing that he was knowledgeable about music.

He is no more. He breathed his last at the age of 19 which shocked his fans a lot.  Police searched his dead body in his own garage after 3 days of his missing. Investigators claim his death happened to due cardiac failure.  He was not found to use any type of drugs.


Knockerz made to the public his first album in 2014 under the moniker flight delayed. He ruled over YouTube with his music trilogy entitled Rico Story which earned him more than 3.5 million views. He got a huge fan following after the release of Rico Story on YouTube. It revolved around a fiction of an unlawful character named Rico who went to rob a bank after losing his job.

He produced songs like Annoying and Cash Out with amazing and attention-grabbing lyrics. In addition to YouTube, he also collaborated with iTunes and Amazon to sell his songs.

Knockerz sold his beats to Gucci and Meek Mills. He contributed to the track “Re-Up” by his beats. He was going to collaborate with MC records prior to his death. Adding to it, he produced and presented to the viewers his musical ranges such as Rangers, She Coo With That.

Awards & Achievements

Knockerz earned 3 million hits by releasing his music videos on YouTube channel and has also bagged a massive fan following. After his demise, #RIPSpeakerKnockerz remained a trend on Twitter for a short period. At the present, there are still over 6 lac subscribers on his YouTube channel which is still active.

Net Worth of Speaker Knockerz

Knockerz have an estimated net worth of $300k. He has earned this giant amount of wealth by winning the hearts of his fans due to his impressive way of storytelling.  His lyrics were interesting, catchy and unique which helped him to win the hearts of a lot of people, hence, earn a huge amount of wealth.

Speaker Knockerz owned a number of different cars including Ferrari, CHALLENGER SRT8, Audi A8, DODGE Must Tang and DODGE CHALLENGER SRT8.

Knockerz was a cheerful lad who had deep love and dedication for rock music. Viewers became very much fond of his unique rapping style. He also remained very much active on social media all through his Musial career.   However, life didn’t give him much time to live to the fullest.  May his soul rest in peace.

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