South Park Mexican Net Worth 2018

By | April 13, 2018

To stay in people’s mind as a celebrity is quite a task to do, with so many celebrities coming up each year. South Park Mexican is exactly such an artist who knows how to stay in people’s minds. He is known for his music along with his record of criminal activities. He is currently in jail and has still continued to record music.


He was born on 5th October, 1970. He is from Taxes. His real name is Carlos Coy. His father left his mother after three years of marriage. His sister describes her role to be of a mother/ sister. He was not very fond of studies. He changed various schools and got admission in various courses but either got dropped out or failed all subjects. Initially he worked in a chemical plant at a very low wage, later he became a sales man and cocaine dealer.

South Park Mexican

He started his music career as a rapper, in fact a Christian rapper. In 1995, Coy founded his own record label along with his brother Arthur Jr. and a close friend Jose Antonio Garza. The record label was termed as Dope House Records. He released his first album Hillwood in March 1995. He went on for promotions of the album for two years and later he came back to his work and released the second album in March 1998. The second album was titled Hustle Town and it was a huge hit.

His third album Power Moves: The Table was released the same year in December. It also got major attention. His fourth album was released in the November of 1999. It had a single High So High that got no. 50 on Billboard Hot Rap Track chart. Later he worked in a joint venture between his own record label and Universal Music Group under which they released many albums.

Criminal case

He was involved in a sexual molestation case with a kid and was found guilty in 2001. The police arrested him and sent to jail but he was later released on bail. But later, he was found guilty on the cases of more children molestation. Taking all these cases into account, the Houston Jury convicted him of the said crime and sentenced him to a 45 year prison, along with a fine of ten thousand US Dollars. Coy, however still claims his innocence.

Guest Appearances

He has made guest appearances in various shows. In 2000, he worked with Frost in the song “Tex To Cali, Pt. 2” in the album Shunny Pooh Presents: 3rd Coast’s Finest Volume 1. He also showed a guest appearance in the Flatline’s song In the Game.

Associate Acts

In his career so far, he has worked in association with various other artists like:  Fat Pat, DJ Screw, Baby Bash, Screwed Up Click ,Lil Keke, 3-2, , Baby Bash, Rasheed, Juan Gotti, , Low-G, Grimm, The Most Hated, Lucky Luciano, Lil Bing, Carolyn Rodriguez.

Net worth of Carlos Coy (SPM)

Coy’s net worth is 5 million US Dollars.

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