Silento Net Worth 2018

By | May 11, 2018

Silento is a young American rapper and singer. He is rocking the music and rap industry these days with his splendid rapping skills and talent. This young lad rose to fame very quickly after he released his first solo album and it was a huge success for him. He has released a number of really awesome solos and albums. He has been working with some best producers in the music industry as well. Silento makes most of his money from songs and rap albums. His current net worth is reported to be $5 million.

Early Life

Ricky Lamar Hawk who is also known as Silento was born in 1998 in the US. He was raised in Atlanta. Surprisingly, he was raised and taken care by three women- his grandmother, mother and aunt. Here is another interesting fact about his name Silento and that’s the young singer believes more in actions than words. He believes let your success make noise and work in the silence.


He has been very close to his aunt and she was a pharmacist. She wanted him to be join her profession but he had some other plans for his career. He had more interest in music and developed the very passion when he was in 8th grade.


We have seen most of the singers and rappers rise to fame after they were contacted by producers and famous singers. But there are a good number of other artist who used social media and such other sites for their career. Silento is one such guy who became popular from YouTube. He released his first song in 2015 and it got over 2.5 million views within a week. So he was all famous just in seven days and his song Watch Me Nae Nae was a huge success for the young talented rapper.

Personal Life

He has been amazing in the all the years after he became famous. He has a manager who handles most of his dealing and work. He is a guy who loves to keep his life private and not talk much about it publicly. There were rumours that he got his girlfriend when he was in 5th grade but he has never talked about her, neither discussed his personal life in public. Just like his name, he is always silent and does best of his work leaving everything on his fans to decide and share how his work was.

He has been a kind of inspiration for the young artist. Following him, many rappers and singers started their YouTube channels and became famous. When it comes to Silento’s achievements, he is already famous and got the desired fame at the age of 16. His debut song was listed in Billboard Top 100 and it was on the 3rd place. It was a great achievement for a young guy like him. He has several nominations in various categories but have not won any award yet. His net worth is amazing at this young age and it might seek a hike in the near future.

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