Shawn Michaels Net Worth 2018

By | April 14, 2018

Shawn Michaels is an American wrestler who has been in the wrestling industry for over two decades. He started his WWE career in 1988 and has proved himself the best and a magnificent wrestler. He is the five time winner of Wrestlemania and it proves his amazing skills and passion for wrestling. He has earned a huge amount of wealth from wrestling and represented various brands of WWE throughout his career. As he has won a number of really important and big matches, he has a lot of money and his current net worth is expected to be $18 million.

Early Life

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom who is popularly known as Shawn Michaels in the WWE ring was born in England. He has a military family background thus combat was in his blood. He spent a few years of his early childhood in England and attended his school there as well. But later on his family moved to Texas and he lived there. He has a passion to become a wrestler when he was young.

Shawn Michaels

He was also very active in football when he was at high school and headed the team. He was granted admission in Southwest Texas State University but he dropped out and decided to pursue his passion in wrestling. And this later on turned into a full-time profession for him. Who knew one of the best and most dangerous wrestlers of WWE was in making and he had just made the very right decision?


He started his wrestling training in Texas and this is the place his wrestling career started as well. He got the basic and formal training from Jose Lothario. Later he paired with Marty Jannetty and the duo won a number of big matches. They were then hired by AWA and signed a contract. They used the name the Midnight Rockers when they were associated with AWA. And a time came when they had a deal with WWE but things didn’t go in their favour. They were fired from WWE for creating a scene in a bar.

After being expelled from WWE, they rejoined AWA. Some time later they managed to get a contract with WWE for the 2nd time and rest is the history.

Shawn’s first major victory came in 1992 when he defeated British bulldog and won the International Championship belt. He never knew he would be fighting against his partner Marty. They had a fight in RAW but he was unlucky and lost the match. The match was called the Pro Wrestling Illustrated match of the year.

When it comes to the titles and awards, he has so many on his name. In 1993, he regained International championship belt from his former partner Marty. He also paired with the Diesel and they won the World Tag Team Championship the same year in 1993.

Personal Life

HBK married two times in his life. His first married Theresa Wood but the relationship was not successful and they got a divorce. Then he married Rebecca Curci and the couple have a son and live together happily.

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