Sasha Obama Net Worth 2018

By | June 1, 2018

Sasha Obama is the youngest child of the ex-president of America, Barack Obama (44th U.S. President) and 1st lady, Michelle Obama. Sasha Obama and her sister Malia Obama are among the famous African based American children who lived in White House. She is commonly known as Natasha Obama who was born on 10th June 2001. Since her childhood, he became a public eye when she started living in White House. As per news and search, she is not currently involved in any kind of relationship with any guy which depicts that maybe she is not ready for it.

Sasha Obama

Early Life

Basically, Sasha Obama belongs to Chicago in Illinois. She is popularly known to be the daughter of a celebrity. During 2005, Barack Obama was chosen as Senator of Illinois. After four years he was honored to serve as President of the US. Prior presidency of her father she with her family was living in Chicago and later they shifted to White House.

While they were living in Chicago, both Malia and Sasha completed their early education from Chicago which they continue later in a private school located in Washington, D.C. in Chicago she had many other interests like, playing tennis, going in the gym and playing piano as well.


For the first time, she made her appearance in First Family, which is reality-based television series back in 2009. During recordings, both the professional and personal lives of her family members were recorded. In First Family series, she acted as a student and a sportsperson.

In the same year, she joined a famous group called as School Gyrls which is among the world’s blockbusting girls groups. The group members include, and Kayla Parker, Sasha, Kara, Malia Obama and Kyra. She and her older sister, Malia has also actively participated in Freshmen Season.

During summer, Sasha has worked at Nancy’s seafood restaurant located in Martha’s Vineyard.  She used to perform a certain task over there which includes, preparing the cafeteria before it is opened for lunch, helping as a cash index and carrying tables.

Lifetime achievements:

Sasha Obama was given the title, “America’s sweetheart” over media because of her kind, friendly and down to earth type of nature. She has been set as role modeling figure. She is extremely popular which is notable via a number of followers on Instagram which is 92.4 million.

Being a member of School Girls, she and her team won two Grammy Awards. Moreover, they released numerous successful commercial recordings and more than 25 million records were sold. The group released many singles and two albums.

Furthermore, she won the award of Freshman of the Year. This helps them to earn 35–0 record as well as a state title.

Sasha Obama Net Worth

As per estimation, the total net worth of Sasha is $450 thousand. Currently, she is enjoying a lavish lifestyle as she belongs to a very rich family. At early stage, her net worth begins to grow while she was residing in White House. During 2014, in Time magazine, she was mentioned among the “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014”.

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