Sarah Palin Net Worth 2018

By | April 26, 2018

Sarah Palin is an American author and former governor of Alaska and as well as a politician. She is popular for her services after she served as the governor of Alaska and in another state. She was raised in a family of teachers and did a lot of hard work to achieve success in her life. She also represents the Republican party. Sarah also wrote her book that sold millions of copies. She made most of her wealth from the book she wrote and it gave her almost $7 million and the rest of the money comes from her salaries. Her current net worth is reported to be $12 million.

Early Life

Sarah Palin

Sarah was born in 1964 in Idaho state of the United States. When it comes to her family, her dad was a school teacher of science while mom worked as a secretary in a school. She has three other siblings. There is no particular information about her early education but it was found that during her graduation, she switched her colleges and universities multiple times. She completed her bachelors in communications and journalism from University of Idaho.

Political Career

When it comes to the professional career of Sarah, she started it as a report in television soon after her graduation. She was assigned the sports section thus her work was a sportscaster and reporter. She had a dream to become a host in a TV show and that dream came true in the early years of her career. Later, she also helped and assisted her husband in his fishing business.

Her political career started in 1992 when she was elected a member of City Council to Wasilla. She worked and revamped the taxation rules and this helped her later in the career. She fought the next mayor election in 1996 and won it. She remained under criticism for her innovative and unique strategies during her term in office.

She was luck that she was elected the mayor for 2nd time and she continued to work and introduce more innovative and revolutionary reforms. She has also served as the chairman of Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. It was 2006 when she decided to contest the governor election and was able to win and become the Governor of Alaska. She is the first woman to host the office of Alaska Governor.

When it comes to the achievements and awards, she has been a very popular governor and the survey results proved it as well. The results demonstrated 90% of her success. She remained a very bold and courageous lady during her period. She is more known as a leader who never hesitated taking up policies that benefited the state and people in the long run.

Personal Life

Sarah decided to marry her school lover Todd Palin in 1988 and the couple lived happily together. She has earned a lot of respect as well as money during her political career. However, her book brought her a lot of money too when she signed a deal for $7 million with the publishers.

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