Sandra Bullock Net Worth 2018

By | April 14, 2018

If you have seen Gravity or The Blind Side, you would probably know who Sandra Bullock is. She is one of the most successful and highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Her start was not so exceptional but she became famous and popular after appearing in various movies. And now is the situation that she charges $15-20 million for every movie. Furthermore, she has shares and earns from profits of every movies she works. According to the most recent updates, her net worth is about $200 million.

Sandra Bullock

Early Life

She is not only an actress, but she produces movies and actively donates for charity as well. Sandra was born in 1964 in Virginia, the United States. Her father was serving in the US military the time she was born. Originally, her parents are from Germany. They married in Germany and then moved to Virginia. Interestingly, she was raised for long 12 years in Germany. And most of her childhood spent with her aunt because her mom used to be on tours and she had to live with the aunt.


After graduating from university, she was offered a role for a drama in 1987. This was the first time she was playing a role. And after that she worked as a stage artist and for many theater productions. Then she moved to New York and worked normal jobs of bartenders while she was giving auditions. She did smaller roles in movies till 1993 and could not give a hit movie. It was 1994 when she got a role in “Speed” and it was the first blockbuster for her. The movie did a business of over $350 million, more than ten times the movie’s actual budget. For this role she was paid $500,000.

This was the time Sandra became famous and rich as well. After the success of Speed, she was one of the highest paid stars in the industry. In 1997, she received $11 million for the sequel of Speed and then $11 million for “Hope Floats” in 1998.  This movie was produced by her own production house “Fortis Films”. She has been a very successful actress in the industry. She is truly a legend and very talented as well.

People can’t forget her roles in “The Blind Side”. She was the reason that movie became successful. She even won Oscar and many other awards for her role in that movie. She really did a great role and it truly deserved huge appreciation. The same year, she did “The Proposal” and it was a hit film too. When you are giving consecutive hit movies, no power can stop you from being successful and rich in the entertainment industry.

How Rich is Sandra Bullock?

Sandra has a net worth of $200 million. Would you believe that 28 of her movies have crossed $5 billion milestones worldwide? Who can forget her role in the super-hit Gravity? She was paid $15 million for her role in Gravity while she also got 15% profit of the movie’s total earnings. She has more than 100 nominations for multiple awards and has won many as well. She love to contribute in humanity services and pays huge donations.

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