Saif Ali Khan Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Saif Ali Khan is an Indian actor, producer and businessman. He is better known as the 10th Nawab of Patudi state of Indian. He has worked in many movies. His acting career started in the late 1990s but he struggled really hard to make an impact. As he is better known being the Nawab, most of the wealth he owns now came from the state he is Nawab of. His current net worth is almost $140 million and surprisingly, he got 750 crores from his father after his death.

Saif Ali Khan

Early Life

Saif was born into a rich family and his father’s name was Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan. His father had captained the Indian Cricket Team and he had a lot of wealth as well. His mother was an actress who worked in several Indian movies. His father remained the Nawab of Patudi from 1952 to 1971. Saif was crowned the title of Nawab after his father was dead. He has Bengali descent from mother and Pathan descent from his father.


As Khan started working in Indian movies, he failed to make successful movies in the start of his career. His first major movie was Dil Lagi in 1992 and it proved lucky charm for him. After that people started knowing him and he became famous. Then he worked with Shah Rukh Khan in “Kal Ho Na Ho” and this film bagged him the best actor award in a supporting role. That was the time Khan achieved success and started working in many movies.

He now works in movies is a producer as well. Though his movies are not as successful as other actors’ in Indian, still his net worth has increased in the last few years. To talk more about increase in his value, we need to throw some light on his personal life. He was first married Amrita Singh and has two children from her. They separated their ways with a divorce.

Personal Life

His second marriage was with Kareena Kapoor in 2015. The relationship started a few years ago and it was the most talked about celebrity couple in the Indian film industry. Where Khan was an ordinary actor and Kareena was the most popular and best actress, people could not first believe. But they got married and now have a son, Taimur Ali Khan.

Saif’s marriage with Kareena was the biggest thing that ever happened to him. It increased his net worth and impact in the Indian film industry. Their son Taimur is such an adorable and cute baby. Honestly speaking, they are now often in limelight either because of their relationship or their son Taimur. Media and journalists are always in a try to capture the moments of their son with parents.

Khan has a lot of wealth and owns several houses and properties in many parts of India. He has a majestic house in Mumbai and he lives there with his family. Moreover, he loves to own the best and luxurious cars. Audi, BMW, Range Rovers and all the best cars are in his car collection. His net worth is predicted to increase in the next years.

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