Ryan Higa Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

More popular with the username nigahiga, the famous YouTuber is an American comedian. His real name is Ryan Higa. Not only comedy, but Ryan has made his name through acting as well. His YouTube videos have had 3 million views so far. His real channel has the credit of being subscribed consecutively for 677 days. That is 2 years from 2009-2011.

Apart from the channel PewDiePie, no such channel has had this kind of subscription record. He has over 20 million subscribers so far and it is ranked as the 21st most subscribed channel on the whole of YouTube.

Ryan Higa

Background and Early life

Ryan has a Japanese background. He is from Okinawa. He was born in Hilo, Hawaii. He has one sibling; an elder brother named Kyle. He is a black belt and knows judo. Ryan went to Waiakea High School and practiced judo there. he graduated from there in 2008. In the year 2016, Ryan formed a band along with David Choi, Jun Sung Ahn, Phillip Wang and Justin Chon.

It was a Kpop band and was named BgA which was the abbreviation for Boys Generally Asian. Together, they worked on music  and released their first song on YouTube which was titled Dong Saya Dae. It has more than 13 million views on Youtubes itself. In the year 2017, BgA was able to release their major breakthrough song so far: Who’s It Gonna Be.

He studied nuclear medicine from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for that he moved to Las Vegas.

YouTube Career

Ryan, along with his friend  Sean Fujiyoshi, made videos of themselves back in high school days and uploaded them on YouTube. These videos were mostly about lip syncing to famous songs and performing over the songs. Their YouTube videos got appreciation. So their channel got popular and later it was not just limited to lip syncing on songs but also other pieces of comedy.

They even invited other fellows, to make guest appearances, like Tim Enos, Kyle Chun, Ryan Villaruel and Tarynn Nago. That was back in 2006.

In the year 2008, their account was temporarily suspended due to some violation of copyright rules. On Christmas Eve of 2008, two of their videos were put down due to this reason. The videos were titled: How To Be Emo and How To Be Gangster. They were later put back on the channel but then removed again along with other more videos. Later, these videos were put back on the channel in 2010.

Due to copyright issues, Nigahiga’s most lip syncing videos were removed from the channel. After that, most of his videos that came up on the channel were solo efforts. Later in 2012, he made his own production company that goes by the name, Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC).

He works, along with Sean Fujiyosh, to make content for their mutual channel. In 2011, he started another channel named HigaTV.

How Rich is Ryan Higa?

Net worth of Ryan Higa is 2 million US Dollars.

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