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By | June 28, 2018

De Niro who is a famous actor, stage actor, director and producer of American film industry was born in New York City on 14 August 1943. His father, Robert De Niro Sr. was a sculptor and an abstract expressionist portraitist and his mother, Virginia Admiral was a portraitist too. He lived in Greenwich Village along with his mother when he was only 3 years old, after separation of his parents.

While in his teens he was thrown out of school due to an inclination towards his passionate acting career. Later he studied under influence of Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg. He got married to Grace Hightower in 1997 and couple was blessed with a boy named Elliot. Prior to this, he was married to Dianne Abbott and they had a son named Raphael. They also had a girl, Drena from Abbott’s ex-affair. Two other kids are also spotted by Vitro fertilization of his wife.

Robert De Niro


His acting career begin during his school when he was only 10 years old. He played a role of a Cowardly lion in a stage drama, “The Wizard of Oz”. He was cast in his film, “The Wedding Party” when he was 20. The director of the film caught his acting bug and cast him again in the feature film “Hi Mom”. With the time he was introduced to other rich personalities like Martin Scorsese for the film, “Mean Streets”.

He was awarded a famous phrase, “You talkin’ to me” for his exceptional performance in “Taxi Driver” which has become a classic line in American cinema. Robert De Niro has been cast in numerous films like The Godfather II in Sicily, Taxi Driver in which his acting method was very fierce, Goodfellas, Raging Bull which was launched in 1980 in which he played a role with real-life boxer Jack LaMotta, “New York, New York” for which he learned to play saxophone.

De Niro is not only an actor but he is a very capable director as well. He directed a film, “A Bronx Tale” whose script was written by Chazz Palminteri in 1993. The story is related to Palminteri’s rowdy youth. Though this film was not much appreciated by audiences yet he never failed and directed another movie, “The Good Sheppard” in 2006.

Awards and Achievements:

He was nominated for Academy Award for his exceptional performance in “Deer Hunter” and “Taxi Driver”. He also won Academy Award for Best Actor in 1981. De Niro was awarded first Academy Award in 1974 for his outstanding acting in “The Godfather II” for his role as young Don Vito Corleone.

Robert De Niro Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of Robert De Niro is $200 million. Currently, he is living in a lavish house located in New York. Other than his acting career he has made the struggle for his side business of Nobu restaurant chain which has more than 40 branches in all over the world. Recently he has revealed about his intention of making Tribeca area. He is determined to work for The TriBeCa grill, The TriBeCa film festival and TriBeCa productions both financially and passionately.

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