Rich Chigga Net Worth 2018

By | May 12, 2018

Rich Chigga is an Indonesian rapper, singer as well as comedian. This young singer rose to fame after he released his first album and it was a successful album for him. He has been doing comedy as well and has received great appreciation for his work. This young singer has emerged as really a talented person in the rap industry. When it comes to his net worth, it’s estimated to be $400 thousand. He makes most of his wealth from rapping, albums, songs and working as a comedian. His net worth is expected to see a hike in the next few years and he will be even richer.

Early Life

Rich Chigga

Brian Imanuel who is also known as Rich Chigga was born in 1999 in Indonesia. His parents are Chinese-Indonesian and his birthplace is reported to be Jakarta. He has three siblings who are also in the entertainment or fashion industry. One of his brother is a singer as well. When it comes to the early life and education of Chigga, he has never been to school. He was brought up in a middle class family. His father worked as a lawyer and he was homeschooled.


Rich Chigga developed an interest in music and entertainment when he was a child. It is reported that he started his career from social networking sites and particularly YouTube. It was 2010 when the talented singer kickstarted by uploading photoshopped photos and adding videos on YouTube.

This type of content was popular in those days and he earned a huge amount of money from YouTube. He was living in Indonesia when he started his career. Later he moved to the US and now lives in California.

As he is an Indonesian, it was tough for him to speak English for the songs so he practiced it watching videos of famous rappers and singers. In 2012, he also started listening to hip hop music so that he could perform better and emerge as a talented rapper. He wrote his first song in 2014 and recorded it using iPhone microphone. There came a time when he decided to switch his career as a cinematographer after giving up his career in music.

This young talented singer and rapper is a perfect example of inspiration for the new rappers. He has become the biggest inspiration for other singers and continue to inspire the whole world with his amazing work. He opened his eyes in a poor family, worked really hard to become a rapper and never went to school.

His biggest problem was learning English for songs and raps. But he has proved that anything is possible if you have passion and work hard to achieve your goals.

He now earns a good amount of money every month and his net worth is about to increase in the near future. He now spends most of his time in the US and is contact with other rappers and singers to release more songs, albums and rap songs.

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