Rhett McLaughlin Net Worth 2018

By | April 13, 2018

The famous YouTuber, Rhett is popular through his YouTube channel Rhett and Link along with Charles Lincoln as Link. He has gained popularity through his comedy and fun aspects of personality.

Early Life

He was born on 11th Oct., 1977 in Macon, Georgia. He lived in Georgia till he was three, after which his family shifted to California. His dad became law professor at Campbell University and so they shifted again to North Carolina. Rhett is a tall 6’7”, an attribute he got from his mother. His mother is 5’10”.

Rhett McLaughlin

Rhet and Link are together with each other since grade 1. They met at Buies Creek Elementary School in Buies Creek, North Carolina. They used to be grounded together, got punishments together and who knew at that time that they have entered a lifelong relationship of friendship and best buddies.

They used to mimic others and interview each other even in their childhood time. They used to perform skits together and become different characters and then take each other’s interviews. At the age of fourteen, they both wrote a screenplay together with the title Gutless Wonders. As soon as they wrote it, they started production which they could never finish after shooting just a few scenes.

Later in 1999, they were shooting a film which Rhett wrote with the title: “The Tragedy. During its shooting, Link got injured because of a snowboarding scene accident as a result of which he had to face a lot of injuries and also a bit of memory loss for a month.

Both Rhett and Link studied Civil Engineering in North Carolina State University. Rhett got a job after graduating at Black & Veatch. He, however, had been planning to leave the job when he got laid off from the job already. He wanted to leave the job in the first place in order to start a career in entertainment.

Personal Life

Rhett is a basketball player, thanks to his height. He has been married and has two sons named Locke and Shepherd. His wife is 5’3” making the couple very different in heights. There are many things that the viewers have come to know about Rhett’s life after his vlogs are out. Some of them are:

Rhett says that the first thing he does in the morning after getting up is read the comments of the latest upload. He mentioned that in 2013. It was Rhett’s dad’s duty to make pancakes every Tuesday morning. Rhett has been in Slovakia for three months.

Rhett loves islands and wishes to live on one, one day. He has experienced febrile seizures in his childhood; his children suffer the same. Rhett loves giraffes. He has had several back injuries. Even though Rhett is quiet heighted, he is afraid of heights.

Rhett loves to play Risk. He loves to keep his beard and is willing to keep it at any cost. He has dyed it several times. He has also dyed his hair Apricot, Yellow and Grey.

How Rich is Rhett McLaughlin?

His net worth is $8 million.

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