Rey Mysterio Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Rey is an American formal wrestler. Currently he is signed to Lucha Underground. He has been amazing and brilliant wrestler throughout his career. He has forever stayed high-flying in his wrestling career. He started wrestling at the early age of 15 and has won several championships, titles and awards.

He has also been honoured four times the “Best Flying Wrestler. He was also crowned the title of “Most Outstanding Wrestler in 1996” and the “Rookie of the Year in 1992”. He earns most of his money through wrestling and from contracts with the wrestling federations. His current net worth is reportedly to be $12 million.

Rey Mysterio

Early Life

Oscar Gutierrez who is popularly known as Rey Mysterious was born in 1974 in California, United States. When it comes to the family, there have been no specific information. However, the star had a great passion for wrestling and started it all when he was very young.

At the age of fourteen, he had started getting wrestling training from his uncle Rey Mysterious Sr. That training taught him the skills that made him famous in the years to come and he emerged as the best and powerful wrestler in wrestling industry. He was given a number of nicknames but Rey Msyterio Jr was the final one given by his uncle Rey Sr.


Between 1992-1995, he has been associated with AAA in Mexico and then he went to join Extreme Championship Wrestling. There came a time when he was the part of World Championship Wrestling. He won his first Cruiserweight Championship in 1996 when he defeated Dean Malenko. He remained the champion for three month and ultimately lost it to Malenko. In 1997, he again won the Cruiserweight Championship and unluckily lost it to the same opponent he had won against.

He has been using a mask in every of his wrestling match. He is very uncomfortable if he is told or forced to unmask his face and this happened in 1999. In a fight with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, he was asked to unmask and he was extremely unhappy. He joined World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002 and came up with a brand new mask. In 2005, he made Eddie Guerrero his tag team partner and they won several matches and titles together. But Eddie was envious of his success and eventually turned on him and beat him up.

Rey has been a great and truly one of the best wrestlers in the world. He won his first WWE Championship in 2011, a few years after he joined the federation. It has been learned that in 2009 he challenged Bradshaw in an International Championship and he won against him.

Currently, he is working with Lucha Underground after he signed a deal in 2015. He has made a great name in wrestling and even the wrestling fans who don’t watch regularly know about him. He has been a part of some legendary matches and his legacy will never be forgotten. His huge net worth speaks a lot about his successful wrestling career.

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