Pusha T Net Worth 2018

By | May 13, 2018

Pusha T is among the top hip hop American rappers. He and his brother together reach the heights of hip-hop acknowledgment and then they made Re-Up Records. His original name is Terrence Thornton. He belongs to The Bronx, New York. Later, Pusha T and his family were shifted to Virginia Beach, situated in Virginia. During 1992, Pusha T and his brother made a duo, Clipse.


Initially, he got assistance from an American-based record and a producer named Virginian. By his assistance, he made Elektra Records in 1997. Together they released a solo album which is actually exclusive audio footage. He appeared in numerous single videos like “Run Away (I Wanna Be with U)” and “Good Stuff”.

Pusha T

Pusha T along with his brother made their own hip-hop band with Ab-Liva and Sandman called as Re-Up Gang. They made their record labels inscription-Re-Up Records during 2004. After two years, their band released their moneymaking album known as Hell Hath No Fury.

In later years, he signed to GOOD Music, Thornton was shown in many projects by numerous fellow labels mates such as “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” performing in many hit tracks and not only this but he has also featured some other songs for the sake of award function during 2010.

After 2010, Pusha T projected his first solo album entitled Fear of God which is mainly a mixtape. This album was composed of some of the old songs most particularly, “My God”. In 2012, another famous song was released by Thornton named as, “Pain” which was from the initial debut albums.

In 2013, one of his most popular debut based album got a dedication in a famous magazine entitled, Spin. During one of his performance in Vancouver, situated in Canada, he declared about his mixtape, Wrath of Cain which will be launched as debut based studio album. During the year 2014, Pusha T released his another solo based album known as King Push. And in the succeeding year, he declared his second album as well.

In last year, 2017, a band of famous rappers joined hands for a song named, “Good Goodbye” via 7th studio album of the band. Moreover, they have also worked with another virtual band named as Gorillaz to launch a single track named as “Let Me Out” which relates to studio based album, “Humanz”.

Awards and achievements:

In 2012 he was nominated in MTV Video Music Awards for producing best hip-hop videos for his video “mercy”. In next year he was again nominated for Grammy awards for the best rap performance.

Push T Net Worth:

The total estimated net worth of Pusha T is $18 million. Additionally, he got a stage name for being a famous rapper and hi hip recording artist who belong to America. On monthly basis, his income is estimated $1250000. It is enough handsome amount for a rapper in America. Some researchers have deeply studied his income and also mentioned his per week income that is around $288461, 54.

Due to his major contribution in hip hop industry of America, his name is enlisted among the top live singers who whenever perform, a roar of audience echoed around the stage.

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