Prince Royce Net Worth 2018

By | April 14, 2018

Prince Royce is a young American singer and songwriter. He is an extremely talent singers who rose to fame very quickly. The handsome and intelligent singer became a sensation in the entertainment industry soon after releasing a few albums. His voice is believed to be the best and melodious voice and he has a huge number of fans following him all over the world. Royce has earned a lot of wealth from his music career and the concerts throughout the world also came in handy for him to give his net worth a hike. As per the reports, his current net worth is $14 million.

Prince Royce

Early Life

Prince Royce’s full name is Geoffrey Royce Pojas and he was born in 1989 in New York. He opened his eyes in a very poor family. His father used to work as a taxi driver while his mom worked at a beauty salon. When he was a child, he wanted to be a singer. But it’s interesting to find out that he had started writing poetry at the age of thirteen and this helped him become a popular songwriter. He was the 2nd oldest child of his parents and has three more siblings. His parents worked really hard to bring them up, educate them and fulfill their daily needs.


After he started writing poetry, he decided that his work should get public attention. He had also started working and playing in choirs with his friends when he was at school. He used Myspace to share his poems and uploaded every piece of poem he wrote. This was a great platform for an unknown songwriter to get attention of the public and more importantly producers and singers. At the age of fifteen, Royce started his music career with a friend named Jose Chusan.

His close friend stayed with him for a longtime and he preferred doing music than writing poems. This way he was successful to get in contact with some best singers and later became manager of a popular artist. After working with bands and groups, he was able to release his solo album. It was 2010 when Royce introduced his very first song and it was a huge success. Not only was the album a success and became popular, it brought him several nominations and awards as well.

Since then he has never looked back. He kept working hard and releasing his albums. Most of his songs were superhit and received various awards and nominations. Royce has achieved a lot in a very young age. His net worth shows that how successful and hardworking he is.

Personal Life

When most of other singers of his age are struggling to find work and release their songs, he has come a long way. He is extremely skillful and talented. His dashing personality is a kind of plus point for that makes him popular among female and male fans as well. It’s not so hard for a guy like him to date so many girls and it’s true to find out that he has been in relationship with a number of girls.

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