Peter Gunz Net Worth 2018

By | April 7, 2018

If any celebrity has seen and gone through hard times, he is Peter Guns. He is in deep waters nowadays after he had to give up all of his income from the famous song Déjà vu along with $1 million in cash. The net worth of Guns is estimated to be $500,000 that is half of 2017 net worth, one hundred thousand dollars.

Peter Gunz

Peter Guns is a famous American rapper who got limelight in the late 90s. Lord Tariq and his unity worked greatly and everything was in their favor. Gunz had launched a song that got huge fame and went to touch the sky. It was a great success for Gunz and he became famous after that launch. If we say that the song gave him what a celebrity wants, it would not be an exaggeration at all.


Peter Gunz is the American rapper who got popularity when his famous group song was released Déjà vu with the collaboration of Lord Tariq. This group song was launched in 1998 and became one of the hottest and most liked songs of that time. This song had sold more than one million copies in the world. In 1999, Lord Tariq and Gunz disbanded it due to some unknown reasons and after that Gunz could not stand on his feet. This unity has provided great platform to show his talent and get popularity.

Gunz worked for ten years after that and his performance could not touch what he had gained with release of that song. In an interview on a TV show “Sway in the Morning”, the rapper confessed that he is facing serious fiscal hiccups. He was freaked out of here, he added. He continued his talk and told that when he went to the ATM last time, he got the fuck out of it and he had to pay the rent of three months almost. He is in very poor and bad conditions these days.

The American rapper is also known with the name of “Othello” due to his baseball jersey that he puts on in his song Déjà vu. The red leather jersey has printed “Othello” on the back and it is the reason for which he got reputation with this name. Othello was the name of his solo album that could never release, unfortunately.

Gunz is nowadays associated with Love and Hip & Hop TV show where he performs as a music director, and this was the forum that proved helpful for him to get out of deep waters.

Personal Life

Coming to his life, children and marriages, he has a son, Cory Gunz who is also a rapper and trying hard to boost his music career. The father and son used to do a collective TV show for the son to help him get his rape career off the ground. But that show could not last only for one season.

He spent his seven years with his girlfriend, Tara, whom he later married. The news of his marriage came on media after thirteen years, and there are reports that he has affairs with other girls as well.

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