Paul Heyman Net Worth 2018

By | April 14, 2018

Paul Heyman is an American businessman, manager, organizer, commentator, performer, marketer. He has been associated with a number of brands including the famous RAW, in wrestling industry. He is widely known for his amazing set of skills and has been seen in multiple events around the world. Paul makes most of his money from shows, entertainment industry, businesses he does, broadcasting, and wrestling management. His current net worth is reported to be $12 million.

Paul Heyman

Early Life

Paul was born in 1965 in an area of New York. His father’s name is Richard Heyman and he was a personal injury attorney while his mother was a Holocaust survivor. His career had a dramatic start. When he was just 11 years old, he was offered to work as a photojournalist in a wrestling match and this is how he entered the entertainment industry. When he turned 19, he got a regular job of a photographer and was sponsored by various firms for his images. This journey as a photojournalist then led to a successful career in several sectors of the entertainment industry.


It is interesting to find out that he had a great interest in wrestling when he was young. After he worked as a photographer and few firms sponsored his images, a company in New York hired him as a professional photographer in 1985. After some time, he was promoted as the producer of the studio and he hosted every wrestling show. His next gig came in 1987 when he was hired as a manager by Championship Wrestling from Florida.

After that hiring, he became manager to Tommy Rick and Austin Idol. He was famous for using his cell phone at that time because cell phone during that time period was considered a foreign object. One after the other, he had many jobs and worked with a number of firms and companies on managerial positions. Apart from working as a manager, he is also known for his great and extensive marketing skills. He was individually termed as one of the top 100 Global Marketers of Advertising Age.

He is best known for his management and communication skills. He holds the record of hosting five WWE matches constantly and was appreciated for his managerial and microphone skills. He holds the honor of hosting various other famous matches in WWE history. Now he works more as a commentator than a manager or advertiser.

As we have talked about his net worth, he has earned a huge amount of money during his career. It’s obvious to everyone that celebrities spend a lot of money on what they wish to do and spend lavish lives. That’s why they keep running out of money but then manage to earn more with their new gigs and projects. He is truly a great example of marketing, advertising and managerial skills. He is the most successful commentator of WWE. He has also appeared in various TV shows and talked about his life, career and how he has been living throughout the years.

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