Noah Shebib Net Worth 2018

By | April 22, 2018

Noah Shebib is also commonly known as 40. He is basically a Canadian producer of records. Formerly he was a child actor and used to work from Toronto. He was born with a very good fame on 31st of March in 1983. The main thing for which he is famous is the collaborations with music rapper Drake who is also a Canadian. It is usually assumed that the style of production of Shebib is down tempo and creates an ambiance and this style is also evident in the music of Drake as well.

Noah Shebib

Shebib also shares the honor of founding the OVO Sound along with Drake and another guy. Other than Drake, he has also produced music for Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne and Action Branson.

Early Life:

Full name of Noah Shebib is Noah James Shebib and he is of Labanese and Irish descent. His mother was a famous Canadian actress named Tedde Moore who also gave an appearance in the film A Christmas Story. His father was also from the same field. He is a director named Donald Shebib and he is a Canadian in nationality.

Acting Career:

Shebib began his career in acting as a child actor. He used to play roles in both television and films in Hollywood. The first role played by Shebib was in 1996 in the show named “Go Eat Worms”. This was an episode of the television series called the Goosebumps.

Other than this, his consistent roles were seen in the television series named Wind at my Back. This series also won the Gemini Award. The best ever performance of the acting career of Shebib was seen in the teen years when he was offered the lead role. He played a featured lead role in the critical and much criticized movie named “The Virgin Suicides”. Other than these he also played small roles in Perfect Pie and The Last Don. Perfect Pie was his last movie after which he announced retirement from acting.

Music Career:

Noah Shebib started his music career as a DJ and worked under the name of DHJ Decibel. As a DJ he performed with MC Elite. Then he shifted from the DJ career and entered the world of music production. He began by working with the local artists in Toronto. Some notable names he worked with are Knamelis, Empire, Stolen owners, Saukrates and Christopher Morales.

While working with these artists, Shebib got the name of 40 days and 40 nights, which was later on reduced to 40. He was given this name because he used to work endlessly in his studio without sleeping and used to work the whole night. It was due to his efforts that his worked was admired all over and he was offered to work with Drake in 2005.

Awards and Achievements:

Shebib was nominated for the Grammy Awards for nine times and he won the award for one time only in 2013 for his work as a mixer, engineer and producer of the album Take Care.

Noah 40 Shebib Net Worth:

Noah Shebib’s estimated net worth for year 2018 is $4 million.

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