Naomi Campbell Net Worth 2018

By | May 11, 2018

Naomi Campbell is an English model and actress. This black girl rocked the modelling industry in 1990s and 1980s. She was one of the best and widely acclaimed models at the peak of her career. She was among the top six models acknowledged at that time in modelling industry. She has also been a part of few movies. The model and actress also wrote a novel named as Swan and it was very popular as well. Naomi earns most of her fortune from modelling and acting. Her current net worth is reported to be $75 million.

Early Life

Naomi Campbell was born in 1970 in South London. Her mother, Valerie Morris, was a dancer and she toured different countries for her concerts and other dancing projects. Naomi never knew or met her father because he left her mom when she was four month pregnant. It’s reported that Naomi spent her early life in Rome as her mother was working there as a dancer.

Naomi Campbell

Later, they moved to London and she grew up under care and supervision of her grandmother. Her mother spent very little time with Naomi as she had to tour to different countries for dancing. When it comes to her education, she started her school at the age of five and was enrolled in Italia Conte School of theatre when she was thirteen.


It was never easy for Naomi to start her career as a model. The major reason was massive discrimination on person’s skin colour. She did a lot of hard work and probably double than other models at that time. However she was successful in landing few big projects and was featured on covers of top magazines in France, America and Italy.

Naomi’s modelling career started after Beth Boldt introduced her into modelling in 1978 when she was just seven. Her mother was not in favour of Naomi’s modelling career and she even advised her to stop it. But she had a passion to pursue her career as a model and this determination and passion led to a successful modelling career.

Her mother agreed on the condition that she would also continue her studies with modelling. Naomi had her first shoot abroad with British Elle and during that shoot she other American agents and producers. When she was sixteen, she landed another big project when she got a call from Paris. Soon, Naomi was seen in best and biggest magazines of that time. She also did catwalks for famous designers.

Naomi has been an amazing and outstanding sort of model throughout her career. Her huge net worth also proved how great and successful her modelling career was. It was not easy for her in the start but she was the first black model to appear in covers of the French Vogue, the American Vogue and the Italian Vogue. SWAN is her first and last novel she ever wrote and it was popular after its release. When it comes to her personal life, she has never married and is still single.

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