Mona Scott-Young Net Worth 2018

By | June 2, 2018

Mona Scott-Young is a talented manager and a businessperson. Moreover, she is a record executive of America. She is a woman in America with a successful business mind. She represents a number of distinguishing hip-hop artist. The massive combination of her earnings is estimated at $30 million.

Biography and wiki

Mona was born on February 15, 1967, in the New York City of United States. She has a nationality of Haitian America as she was born in the house of Haitian parents. She was famous for love & hip-hop.

Scott-Young was married to Shawn young in 2005. She has two children. She has an official website enrolled with the name ‘’. She has a special aptitude for business and entrepreneurship.

mona scott-young


Scott started her career from managing the activities of the business. She was approached by the Brooklyn group to come on board as their manager. After that, she met music executive and continued her work successfully.

Mona, in 2005, appeared in television as a producer. She was producing the show ‘The Road to Stardom’ with Missy Elliott on UPN. She was struggling in producing her own television production company.

In 2006, a director at VH1 at that time, Jim Ackerman, helped Her to develop her reality television series. The series is known as ‘Love & Hip Hop’. The series got to its peak point and considered as a successful series of the era.

Scott works in many television programs as an executive 2013, she appeared in a film named as the Promise Keeper. She appeared in that movie as an executive producer.

Scott-Young spends most of her time with the VH1 the director Jim Ackerman who help Scott to develop herself as an executive producer.

She uses to spend her time in business because she has a sharp mind. She is taking too much interest in the business class. She represents the number of distinguishing hip-hop artist including Missy Elliott, LL Cool J, 50 cents, Fantasia and Busta Rhymes. Overall, she also taking interest in record executing.

Awards and achievements

Scott got a rise in her fame when presented by VH1 for celebrating her favorite cast member of ‘Love & Hip Hop’. She was honored at the Martin Luther King Jr celebration and spirit awards hosted by the orange human relation. Her fame and popularity was the greatest reward for herself.

Net worth of Mona Scott-Young

Mona Scott is a businessperson. She is a talented administrator because she has impressive management skills. She is the record executive of America. She has a business mind. She initiates very sharp and successful business ideas that leads her to executive producer. She also appeared in many television programs and films as an executive producer. She has its own production company. The contribution towards her earnings is estimated at $30 million.

Summing up, we can say that she proves that business is not just the game for men. Women can also hold a successful business if they have a sharp mind and healthy thoughts.

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