Mo Vlogs Net Worth 2018

By | April 7, 2018

Mo Vlogs is a famous Youtuber from Dubai who uploads his daily life videos everyday on his channel Mo Vlogs. His real name is Mohamed Beiraghdary and has attained the status of a celebrity, thanks to his entertaining nature and attractive personality.

Born on 8th March, 1995, Mohammad is quiet a young chap and has gained much popularity that is not even close to his age fellows. His first YouTube channel was about games with the title HitspecK0, in that, Mohammad used to upload gamming videos. That was back in 2011. He used to live in London and now has moved to Dubai. He started his current vlog, Mo vlogs, in 2013.

Mo Vlogs

Mo used to live in Dubai when his father decided to move to the UK for his children’s studies. They came back after the studies tenure but his father decided to stay back. They don’t live together in Dubai anymore, his father is settled in London. Mo loves with his mother and a sister. Her sister Parisa also runs a vlog where she is known as Lana.

YouTube Career

As mentioned above, Mo started his career in 2011 where he started HitspecK0 which has about 97 videos and around 8K subscribers. His last video of that channel was uploaded on 17 Jan 2015. Then, he focused entirely on his own vlogs and has been able to attain a personality that we pretty much know him today.

His first vlog was titled “My First Vlog!” He uploaded that on 7th December, 2014. Since then, he is having around 10 thousand to 20 thousand views a day. He uploads vlogs related to SuperCars. In those vlogs, he gets about 200 thousand to 500 thousand views He has about 3 million subscribers on his channel and number is still growing!

Famous videos

He released  a famous video Rich Kids of the Middle East – The Most Expensive Car Event in the World !!! on Mar 20, 2016. It got many views and much appreciation. His another famous video was Racing in my Friends Bugatti !!! added on the date Jan 28, 2016. His video Girl Driving a Bugatti in Dubai !!! added on Apr 24, 2016 got a lot of cool comments. In one of his videos, THE LUXURY DUBAI LIFESTYLE – BILLIONAIRE BOYS, he highlighted how is it to be like in Dubai that video was added on Dec 14, 2015.

Another such video was Meet the Rich Kids of Arabia !!! uploaded on Apr 10, 2016. He made his new car purchase special moment by creating a vlog  by the title Paying CASH for my New Car !!! added on the date Jan 20, 2016. Another of his creative videos is A Day with the Batmobile !!! added on Mar 13, 2016.

Social appearances

Mo can be reached on Facebook by searching Mo Vlogs and the same title is there for YouTube. His snapchat is mohamedoo and on instagram, he can be reached by searching mo_vlogs.

Net worth of Mohammad

His net worth is 2 million US Dollars.

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