Mike Pence Net Worth 2018

By | July 10, 2018

Mike Pence is currently the Vice President of United States of America. He Pence was born in Columbus city of Indiana State, USA in June 1959. He was born to Edward Joseph Pence Jr. who worked on gas stations and Nancy Jane. His parents named him after his grandfather, Richard Michael Cawley who came from Ireland and was a bus driver in Chicago. He has 5 siblings.

He got married to Karen in 1985. And they were bestowed with 3 beautiful kids. Pence’s father has served in country’s army when there was Korean War going on. For brave performance, he was awarded Bronze Star.

Pence has completed his bachelor in history from Hanover College. Later he has gone to McKinney School of Law for his degree in law. Mike Pence was elected as Vice President of the United States of America in 2016. Formerly he has served as governor and a TV host. For twice he lost nomination for a Congress seat.

Mike Pence


Initially, he worked as a private practitioner. In his 20’s he joined Republic Party’s, Marion County.  In 1988 and then in 1990 he tried to get a seat for Congress but he failed. Later he served as president in Indiana Policy Review Foundation for a couple of years.

For the first time, he appeared in “The Mike Pence Show,” in 1994 which has made his image in actual meaning. In 2000 he has successfully won Congress seat. He always uses to give very realistic and genuine views regarding his opponent, George W. Bush’s policies, even if it was not his duty.

Awards & Achievements:

He has made a name, a fame via his devotional and motivational attitude towards his ideology in Republican Party. In 2005, he chose to lead Republican Study Committee. In 2011, he was selected for the seat of Governor of Indiana State. During 2013, he initiated the tax system which helps the government to gather more than $2 billion dollars for the year ended 2016.

In 2016 presidential elections, Mike was nominated for the seat of Vice President when he became the partner of Republican President Nominee, Donald Trump. Officially he joined the office on 20th January of next coming year.

Mike Pence Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of Mike Pence is up to $2 million. This stockpile is gathered via his salary as Governor of Indiana which is approximately $113 thousand. In 2017, he was paid around $230 thousand salaries upon his serving as Vice President. Most of the earnings are made via his exceptional and devotional performance in his throughout political career.

His utmost desire is to facilitate the people of United States of America by all means. Though out his career, he remained very loyal to his profession. He took the ex-presidents of America as his famous mentors like Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama.

He has collaboratively worked with the stakeholders of the region. Mike Pence unveiled his bank account details which contain the least amount of $15000 in it. Moreover, he owns two education saving accounts for his children.

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