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By | April 22, 2018

Dumile who has a professional name, MF DOOM was born in London. His mother belongs to Trinidad and his father belongs to Zimbabwe. When he was young, his family shifted to Long Island, in New York. But he decided to stay in London and even he never accepted the American citizenship. Mf Doom is a well-known record producer and a hip hop recording artist. Throughout his career, his names changed and the most remarkable was “MF Doom”.

Genres: Hip hop, jazz rap, lo-fi hip hop, experimental hip hop, instrumental hip hop

Labels: Metal Face, Fondle ‘Em, Lex, Nature Sounds, Big Dada, Sub Verse, Elektra, Stones Throw

Associated acts: Czarface, Bishop Nehru, J Dilla, Ghostface Killah, MF Grimm, KMD, Flying Lotus, Monsta Island Czars, Madlib, Jneiro Jarel

Albums: Operation: Doomsday, Mm.. Food, Born Like This, Take Me to Your Leader, Venomous Villain , Vaudeville Villain, Live from Planet X, Expektoration, Special Blends 1+2, Unexpected Guests


In 1988, he made an association called KMD with his brother named, DJ Subroc and Rodan. Along with KMD, he released a song, “The Gas Face” from The Cactus Album. In 1991, he released single, “Peachfuzz”, a video played on cable TV named as Yo! And “Who Me?” through KMD’s album named Mr. Hood.

MF Doom

During 1997, he begins with performing openly in small events like in Nuyorican Poets Café which is located in Manhattan. As it was beginning he got confused during a show when a lady was starring on his head. This was the same time when got famous by his professional name, MF Doom. After that, he started wearing the mask which a super-duper villain named, Doctor Doom used to wear in the Marvel Comics. During 1999, Doctor Doom performed rap music in his most famous album called Operation: Doomsday. Dumile set him as his mentor.

With the passage of time, he got confidence and launched numerous popular singles, “The M.I.C.”, “Bobbito” by García’s Fondle based upon ‘Em Records, “Dead Bent” and “Greenbacks”. Moreover, during 1999, MF Doom’s full-length base LP was launched with the help of Fondle ‘Em and it was given the name, Operation: Doomsday.

Fondle ‘Em was the one who comprehended many other singles and other b-sides along with additional tracks. After this success, he got a viral name, “M.F. Doom” especially while launching singles, though later it was converted to MF Doom.

He had a remarkable experience of functioning with Prince Paul in 2001. Together they made an outstanding addition to the music industry which is, “Paullelujah” based upon, Phofo and Mike the Music Guy. In next year another celebrity appeared a collection based on Sound-Ink’s Colapsus with a track titled as “Monday Nite at Fluid”.

Furthermore, Kurious was another prominent name in creations ready by King Honey. He is a famous personality in music who made various tracks in Dumile’s album like Vaudeville Villain. Dumile has produced some other composition which was actually solos.

In the very beginning of his career, he remained successful to become a shining star in eyes of his fans and audience. Madvillain did marketing via different publications such as via Spin, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker.

Awards and achievements:

With continuous hard work, he won to achieve a recognition with name, MF DOOM. Though he launched series of albums and singles as well no prominent albums or track got nominated or awarded for awards shows.

MF Doom Net worth:

According to an estimated the calculated net worth of Daniel Dumile is $1.5 million leading the top list of hip-hop, British-American singers. The various volumes of his albums are the actual source of his income which includes Special Herbs. He has worked hard to gain a recognition and finally rewarded with the name MF Doom.

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