Matt Lauer Net Worth 2018

By | April 13, 2018

Matt Lauer is a man who made a fortune out of his career. He established his career from the beginning and earned from various channels by being a news anchor. In his career, not only he has hosted regular television shows, but he has got the credit of being the co-host in various Olympic Ceremonies. Matt has worked for NBC news. Towards the end of his career he got fussed up under sexual allegations from a fellow coworker NBC news and hence his job was terminated 2017.

Early Life

Matt was born in New York City. His parents were Marilyn Lauer and Jay Robert Lauer. His parents had got a divorce while he was young. However, his personal life issues didn’t mingle with his professional career. He started his television career by being a producer for a newscast in West Virginia.  He had a passion for academics and graduated after quite hurdles from Ohio University in 1997.

Matt Lauer

Later he became an on-air reporter. Matt didn’t stay at one place for work. He started moving around America and hosted shows in Philadelphia, Boston, Richmond and Providence. Lauer hosted Today in New York and Live At Five while he was still hosting the Today show. Lauer has also worked for MSNBC and Discovery Channel. All this summed up to his great fortune he has today.

Being on screen on NBC, gave Lauer a lot of opportunities which he availed very technically. He not only got a chance to interview actors and other high profile people, but also was able to meet Presidents. He was seen with President Vladimir Putin at Saint Petersburg before the 32nd G8 Summit.  He has even interviewed Prince William and Prince Harry in 2007.

Sexual Allegations

Matt Lauer had to face allegations that affected his character towards the end of 2017. An unidentified female coworker came forward and mentioned inappropriate conduct of Matt on her part. She discussed in detail with officials that Matt had started harassments since 2014 when they were at Olympics which further continued after they came back.

Finally in Novemebr 2017, she claims he had harassed her again at workplace. The chairman of NBC news took notice mentioned it to the staff even though Lauer had been a sincere employee for the organization for 20 years, yet the allegations are of such a nature that we can’t continue with Lauer anymore. Even though the allegations weren’t proven, Matt himself says that he felt embarrassed at such a thing being associated to him. His contract was officially ending with NBC news on 2018. He was the highest paid anchor of NBC news.

Matt Lauer Net worth

Matt Lauer has got big property and huge assets. At NBC he made a lot of money. He has got big farm houses and has been known to have a lavish lifestyle. Matt has an estimated net worth of about USD $60 million. His assets include a farm on country’s South Island, a New York apartment in Upper East side Building and an 18 bedroom Hampton house.

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