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By | April 12, 2018

More popularly known by his show MKBHD, Marques Brownlee is an American YouTube personality who is famous for his technology related videos. His channel name is an abbreviation of his initials MKB and HD for High Definition. Is has a number of 5.8 million subscribers. All the videos on the channel have a total of 851 million views on his channel.

He has been declared as the “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now” by Vic Gundotra in 2013. Vic Gundotra is the former vice president, Social for Google. He was sponsored by YouTube in one of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary debates.

Personal life

Brownlee grew up in New Jersey. He went to Columbia High School and also studies from Howe School at Stevens Institute of Technology. His majors were business and Information Technology. After he graduates from college, he became a full time Youtuber.

Marques Brownlee

He owns a Tesla Model S P100D, being a techie himself. He seldom features that in his videos. Other than having a YouTube career, he likes to play golf and play Frisbee professionally from Philadelphia Phoenix. He has previously played for New Jersey Hammerheads.

YouTube Career

He started his YouTube career on March 21st, 2008. He used to upload videos of technology and gadgets that he owned. This was the time he was in high school. His initial uploads were mere screencasts in which he had an image over which he gave a talk or description.

Later, he received requests from his fans on what they wanted to watch. His initial 100 videos were just tutorials on hardware and reviews of freeware software. Later, companies approached him and asked him to give a demo of paid hardware and software.

He gave reviews about the products that could attract the energetic techies out there. His reviews come very timely. Normally, he uploads a review as soon as the product is launched or a day later. As of May 2017, his channel receives an average of 3000 subscribers each day.

Brownlee has the honor of various sites being relying on his reviews. Engadget used Browniee’s tour of Insync Cloud storage as a technique to promote their website. His most viral video is LG’s G Flex video where he performed various tests regarding scratches and depicts the self-healing of scratches feature of the device.

His another scratch test video of a 4.7 inch micromax 7 front glass component got attention of Forbes, Time Magazine, HuffPost tech, CNET, The Verge.

It also appeared on the channel NBC and got worldwide popularity. This video has received 8.9 million views. In 2016, Browniee interviewed the senior Vice president of Software Engineering from Apple. His name is Craig Federighi and the interview was about the time when MacBook Pro 2016 was released.

He also interviewed an NBP Player in 2015 where he discussed his tech interests. The interview was titled: Talking Tech with Kobe Bryant!

How Rich is Marques Brownlee?

Brownlee is a rich guy. He has a net worth of 1.9 million US Dollars.

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