Luis Fonsi Net Worth 2018

By | April 14, 2018

Luis Fonsi is a singer, songwriter and actor as well. He might be famous for many reasons but his biggest hit and most popular album was Despacito. He has been active in the entertainment industry for over two decades. He has produced a number of albums and songs. He earns a huge amount of money every year from music, albums, concerts, Spotify, Apple and other multiple sources.

His current net worth is reportedly to be $18 million. His net worth has increased over the past few years. He has been reported to be very active guy and he loves to own luxury vehicles. One of his latest purchase was a Jaguar luxury of worth $250,000. Here are more details about the singer.

Luis Fonsi

Early Life

Luis was born in 1978 in San Juan. He is the oldest child of his parents. He has three or four other siblings. When it comes to the childhood and early life of the singer, he spent those days with his siblings. He was very young when his family moved to Orlando, Florida. And this is the place where he started his early education and college studies.

He had a passion to become a singer and join the most famous music band “Menudo”. He attended his school in Florida and at that time, he joined a group “Big Guys”. After joining the that band, he along with his team members sang and performed at schools, colleges, parties and concerts.

In 1995, Luis went to study music at Florida State University. At the same time, he was also enrolled in another music class and these sessions and classes helped him emerge as a great singer of his time. He himself has admitted the music education he got at the university came in handy later to help him grow as a mature artist and singer. He also kept singing and performing when he was studying at the university. He was signed by a number of band and later he joined Florida State University on full scholarship.


When it comes to the professional career of the singer, he started singing in 1998. The same year, he released his first album and it was an instant success across Latin America. His music was getting popularity and the singer became famous as well. He continued to release his songs. It was 2000 when he received Grammy Award for a song and became equally popular in Europe and Spain as well. He was one of the most loved and popular celebrities at that time.

Personal Life

Luis has been in a relationship with a number of models and girls around. His first relationship was with Adamari Lopez. The couple dated for some time and later got married in 2006. The marriage lasted for four years and after that the couple went for a divorce. Then Luis dated Agueda Lopez for three years and they were married in 2014 after a relationship of three years. Now the couple have two children together and live a happy life.

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