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By | July 10, 2018

Lil B is a writer, record maker, motivational speaker, activist as well as a rapper. He is the solo performer and recorder also. He is the member of the hip-hop group The Pack. He recorded and released numerous songs due to his excellent rapping. The massive contribution towards his net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Bio and Wiki

Lil B was born on 17th August 1989 in Berkeley California, U.S. He is professionally known as Lil B however, his birth name was Brandon Christopher McCartney. He is also recognized as The BasedGod, Young BasedGod. He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. He has his official website He used the vocals as a music instrument. His genres include cloud rap, hip-hop, and outsider as well as new age.

Lil B


Lil B started his career in music. In his early life, he started rapping with the San Francisco Bay Area-based hip-hop group under the moniker The Pack. Following the success of two locally mix-tapes, the group’s song ‘Vans’ became a surprise hit. The song was considered as 2006’s fifth-best song in the Rolling Stone magazine.

Lil B made to the public his initial digital album under the title “I’m Thraxx” on independent label Permanent Marks in 2009. In addition, he made to the public his second digital album entitled ‘6 kiss’ to critical reception.

Furthermore, he announced his first mix-tape entitled as World PT.1. Subsequently, he made to the public his collaboration mix-tape entitled as Pretty Boys Millionaires with Soulja Boy. Later on, he recorded over 1500 tracks with the inclusion of the hits: Pretty Bitch, Wonton Soup and Like a Martian. He has also released his debut studio album entitled ‘Rain in England’ on CD and Vinyl through Weird Forecast Record.

Lil B successfully signed an album agreement with Amalgam Digital in 2010. Afterward, he made to the public EP paints through his label BasedWorld Records. Adding to it, he announced his fourth digital album under the moniker Angles Exodus. He used different and unique rapping techniques that distinguished him from other rappers.

Lil B authored numerous books and motivational speeches to inspire people.

Awards and Achievements

Lil B won many awards in his career life. Because of his multi-talents, he is nominated in many awards shows in different categories. He is famous as best rapper. He got the credit for composing commanding cue. His multi skills and extra talents are the greatest rewards for his self by his Lord.

Net Worth of Lil B

Lil B is a rapper, record maker, writer as well as an activist of America. He made to the public many albums and mix-tapes all through his career. Because of his rapping skills, he earned huge fan following. He performed as a solo artist and recorder also. He made a predictable net worth of around $4 million.

Summing up, we can say that Lil B is a very passionate singer and a determined motivational speaker who inspires and motivates people to do what they want in their lives.

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