Kurt Angle Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Kurt Angle is an American wrestler as well as manager for the WWE brand RAW. He is one of the most experienced wrestler and has won almost every title, championship and award in the wrestling industry. His net worth of $25 million speaks louder about his success and greatness in the wrestling world. He has earned a lot of respect, fame and popularity with a lot of wealth as well. His fans are all around the world and his fan following is estimated to be in millions. Let’s find out more about the great wrestler and RAW manager.

Early Life

Kurt Angel was born in Mt Lebanon Township in Pennsylvania. His father’s name was David Angle and mom’s name was Jackie. His father worked as a crane operator and unfortunately died in a construction accident when he was very young. It was a kind of shock for him.

Kurt Angle

He has three brothers and one sister. His sister also died at the very young age. He has always talked about his father and he was Kurt’s biggest inspiration. Every interview he has done shows how much he loved his father and he misses him very much. Unluckily, his mom also died in 2015 after a long battle with cancer.


He has a passion for wrestling since the young age and he had started training for wrestling at the age of seven. He kept working on his fitness and techniques and was successful to win a number of awards and championships. After winning many matches, he started preparing for 1996 summer Olympics.

He won that title and was offered a contract by World Wrestling Federation but he turned down the offer because of his disaster in the professional wrestling.

Till 1998 he worked on his skills and continued to win matches. He has been very successful in that time. It was 1998 when he changed his mind and decided to sign a five-year contract with WWF. He wrestled in front of live audiences and was really impressive in his performance.

He also started fights for WWF’s Power Pro Wrestling in Memphis. Since then he has been associated with WWF and WWE. He has some other wrestling federations in his records and was treated as the most successful and best wrestler of his time.

He appeared in on TV in the savior series and used the Medal by Patriots that became the song and has been associated with his name for whole of his career. During 2000-20001, he became the only wrestler who won Olympics and championship after he defeated the Rock. It has been learned that he was a part of few controversies and feuds throughout his career and was tagged as a kind of brat.

Personal Life

If we summarize his career and life, he emerged as one of the best and most powerful wrestlers. Once he made a name in the wrestling industry, he never looked back and tried his best to win every championship and award. His marriage life is also successful and he has three children and spends a very happy life with his family.

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