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By | April 12, 2018

The Five’s co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle is a charming American journalist who has made her name by coming into journalism and being a television personality. Before her entry into television, she was an attorney in San Francisco and also in Los Angeles. She has also been the First Lady of San Francisco while she was married to a politician from California Gavin Newsom when Newsom was the mayor of San Francisco.

Early Life and Education

Kimberly Guilfolye was born in San Francisco on 9th March, 1969. Her father was Irish and she grew up in Westlake and mission district. She is a graduate from Mercy High School. Kimberly had to face a major tragedy in her early childhood. Her mother died of leukemia when she was just 11. Her mother was a teacher of special children. His father had served in US Army earlier. He then took up construction trade work and later became an investor in Real Estate and a very close advisor to Mayo Newsom.

Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly was exceptional in her academics and graduated from University of California, Davis. She also received a J.D.  from the Law School of University of San Francisco in 1994. During her law studies, she did modeling for a bridal magazine, Marcy, along with an internship with the district attorney’s office. Apart from this, she also attended Trinity College in Ireland for one of her research works on International Children Rights.


She started her career as a prosecutor in San Francisco. She worked shortly before she lost her job when 14 prosecutors were fired after there was a new District Attorney elected in the region. However four years later she was again called in to serve as the Assistant District Attorney. She started her Television career when she moved to New York in 2004 and hosted the program Both Sides on a local Court TV. At that time she was also a legal analyst to an Anderson Cooper’s American television news show Anderson Cooper 360.

She has been considered to serve as the Press Secretary of the White House in 2016 under Trump administration, but was turned down as Sean Spicer got the position ultimately. Guilfoyle mentioned that her contract with Fox News won’t allow her to join the White House position. Later she extended the contract with Fox News.

Personal Life

Kimblery Guilfoyle married Gaven in 2001 Newsom who was, afterwards, elected as the mayor of San Francisco. The marriage lasted for five years which ended in a divorce filed by Kimberly. Later she married Eric Villency. They had a son. They later got separated and eventually divorced after three years of marriage.

Net Worth of Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly has a net worth of $5 million USD. All the turns in her career and personal life have given her much amount and made her a millionaire. She has got an annual salary of $850,000. In 2015, Kimberly bought an apartment in Central Park West of worth $3.4 million USD.

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