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By | July 14, 2018

Kenneth Max Copeland who is an artist, public orator, and a writer, was born in Lubbock, Texas on 6th December 1936. He was born to A. W. Copeland and Vinita Pearl Copeland. Prior to changing his religion to Christianity, he was a professional musician. Kenneth was in love with US Army Air Forces as he lived near an airfield in West Texas. He wishes to become a pilot but he could not. He completed his graduation from Oral Roberts University in 1967 and served as pilot and chauffeur in Oral Roberts.

Personal Life

Kenneth Copeland got married for a 2nd time with Gloria Neece in April 1963. The couple was blessed with two kids named Kellie Copeland Swisher and John Copeland who is currently serving as a chief operating officer in KCM. Previously he was married to Ivy and they had a beautiful daughter named Terri Copeland Pearsons. His both daughter are pastors in the USA. Most of his family members are serving in KCM. Terri got married to George Pearsons. Kenneth Copeland is working as a televangelist and conglomerated with Charismatic Movement.

Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Max Copeland has been accused of using KCM’s Citation X for personal use. Moreover, he has also faced many controversies like Mike Huckabee controversy, ‘Angel Flight 44’ measles vaccination controversy. KCM is also suspect of castigation and marshaling.


Kenneth Copeland established KCM (Kenneth Copeland Ministries). He attended many concords in the USA within just 3-6 days. Moreover, the conferences are made all over the world backed by members of KCM. All of these conventions are made easily available at official website of Kenneth, and

Not only this but these show are on aired on Christian TV stations like God TV and Daystar Television Network. He has also made many successful movies via KCM which includes, ‘Covenant Rider’, ‘The Treasure of Eagle Mountain’ and ‘The Rally’. By the help of KCM team he has also launched numerous books which include, The Laws of Prosperity in 1995, Healed in 1999, Healing Promises in 1994, Ceremony of Marriage in 1996 and Classic Redemption in 2001. In 2003 he released an album named, ‘Big Band Gospel’.

Awards and Achievements:

In 1980 Copeland was nominated in 23rd Grammy awards for ‘Best Gospel Performance, Traditional Award’ for his famous album, “In His Presence”. Throughout his life, one of the biggest achievements was the establishment of KCM. He released his single, “Pledge of Love” in 1962 on Imperial Records which was placed at no. 17 in the Billboard Top 40.

How Rich is Kenneth Copeland?

The estimated net worth of Kenneth Copeland is $770 million. The major reasons of his stockpile include ‘The Believer’s Voice of Victory’ show which was on aired on various TV stations, KCM which is sited at the land of 33 acres in Fort Worth, TX, and his mysticism known as “Word of Faith”.

Copeland owns a KCM in which more than 500 people are employed along with exceptional facilities like granary, Eagle Mountain International Church, dissemination facilities, audio footage and television production services etc. He also possesses Kenneth Copeland Airport, real estate worth $554,160. He was gifted Cessna 550 Citation in 1998 by a donor.

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