Kali Muscle Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Kali Muscle is a Californian bodybuilder. Also, he is an artist and made his appearance in numerous commercials including commercials from Snickers, Geico, Comcast, Taco Bell, Honda etc. In addition, e motivates people to not to take the wrong path by describing them his own life experiences and about what he faced while he was in jail. He has a predictable net worth of $5 million.

Biography & Wiki

Kali Muscle was born on February 18, 1975, in California, America. His birth name was Chuck Kirkendall. He was raised up by his mother and step-father. He was having two siblings. He was good at sports such as wrestling and track. He was awarded a football scholarship from Fresno State University. In addition, he got training from a fitness center. Though, he faced an extreme financial crisis during his University period which led him towards committing a robbery.

Kali Muscle

Muscle’s brother breathed his last due to a fortuitous self-shooting. This incident put a negative impact on his life and, in turn, he headed towards crime world.

The muscle was sent to the San Quentin prison after committed a robbery. He remained there for nearly 7 years and engaged performing workouts and bodybuilding which later led him to fulfill his wish of being a bodybuilder.


Muscle rose to fame because of his online videos also. In 2013, he made the public his biography entitled From Xcon to Icon. Adding to it, he contributed to a music video for country vocalist Jamey Johnson.

Muscle makes his presence on a fitness related YouTube channel on which he speaks about ways of working out and practicing with fewer resources. In 2011, he performed in a film named Wonder Woman. Moreover, he made his appearance in Applebaum the same year. In addition, he contributed to another movie entitled The Dog Who Saved the Holidays featuring Dean Cain, Shelley Long and Gary Valentine.

Muscle, in 2014, made his presence as Brett in the episode Road to Natesville from the TV show Raising Hope. Adding to it, he performed as bones in the movie The Big Shot from Demetrius Navarro, Valente Rodriguez production.

Awards & Achievements

Muscle, in 2012, was recognized as Mr. California. He is a proponent of a healthy diet rich in proteins and fruits. In addition, he procured a considerable number of fan following.

Net Worth of Kali Muscle

Kali has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He brought home this ample amount of net worth due to making his appearance on several commercial as well as by running his videos online.

Muscle moved towards bodybuilding which caused him to leave the crime world. At present, he speaks about his life lessons to the youth to save them from heading towards the crime world. He is an optimistic person who did not give up his dreams even after seeing the darkness of the prison for several years. As a matter of fact, he is not more than an inspiration to youth.

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