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By | May 19, 2018

Joey Badass is the name of one of the best founding members of ‘Pro Era Group’. He is a celebrity, rapper as well as a well-known producer in the American region. He has been also appeared in ‘Mr. Robot series’. The massive contribution to his fame was his album ‘B4. DA.’ that hit its level of fame. Overall, his net worth is estimated at $5 million.

Biography and Wiki

Badass full named as ‘joy-Vaughn Virginie Scott’. He was born on 20th January 1995 in New York, U.S. He is also known as Jayohvee, Jazif Badmon and Joey B. He likes to sing hip-hop songs. His mother belongs to island St. Lucia and his father belongs to Jamaica.

Joey Badass


Joey started his career from rapping. He started to write songs and poetry as well. Badass is one of the best founding and prime member of progressive era or pro era group.

He started his career professionally from 2010, as he uploaded his first video on ‘YouTube’. The video was reposted on the American hip-hop site that sought the attention of the president of ‘cinematic music group’.

Badass, in 2012, released his new video on YouTube channel. Pro era also released his debut mixtape named as ‘the secs$ tap.e.’ in 2012, Badass by himself released his debut solo mixtape. He also made a video song for the ‘waves’. In 2013, he starts to sings in summer knights. As it was a part of his career. In 2014, Badass also appears in a film directed by Rick Cordero ‘quasi-autobiography’.

In 2015, Badass starts a hip-hop song it Korean hip-hop group. In 2016, he made his television debut in the television series ‘Mr. Robot’. He announced in 2017 that he would go on logics everybody’s lenbo along with big lenbo.

Joey Badass spends his most of the time in singing and rapping.

Award and achievements

Badass was nominated for the category of ‘best new artist’ BET awards held in 2013. In addition, he was also nominated for ‘rookie of the year ‘in BET hip hop awards held in 2013. Badass won the award of ‘social star’ in BMI R&B/ social awards held in 2016.

How Rich is Joey Badass?

Badass is a well-known singer as well as a rapper. He performed as a successful singer and also known as a best rapper. Poetry is also amongst his sources of income. Furthermore, he also wrote songs and raps too. He hits the deck with many of his albums. One of the album that hits his fame was B4. DA. $. Badass has worked in TV and has appeared in ‘Mr. Robot series’. The massive contribution towards his earnings was that he was the best founding member of ‘post era group’. The combination of all his income sources is estimated at $5 million.

Summing up, we can say that Joey Badass made a history that there is no age for singing, rapping and writing songs. He proves that early age is not the matter if we do our work with passion and determination.

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