Joe Weller Net Worth 2018

By | April 13, 2018

The popular Youtuber of today, Joe Weller has become an icon due to his smartness and wealth. Joe Weller started a YouTube Channel and got so much popular with his fans that he has become a celebrity! The main focus of his channel was commentaries on FIFA matches. He started commentaries on his own then eventually he started posting Q and A videos. These got public attention and soon he became the talk of the town!

Joe Weller was born on 2nd March, 1996. He is a talented dude of this modern internet era. He has got much talent that he show cases in his vlogs. Further, he uploads and displays comedy sketches that gain popularity almost instantly. He has a big number of fan followers who have made his work a hit.

Joe Weller

Joe Weller is a resident of Brighton in UK. Not only he is famous for his vlogs and the YouTube channel, he is also famous for his Music career. That’s right, this emerging heartthrob has made a career in music and is part of a group called Weezy. This talented group of people has even made one of their songs to hit the UK’s top 30 charts. Way to go, Weller!


This young guy has got a millions of subscribers at his YouTube Channel estimated to be 4.3 million and still counting! On a rough sketch, this guy is able to get almost 400 subscribers each day. This contributes towards the viewership of his vlogs and videos estimated to be 870 million views on his channel since the time he started the channel.

He is however not very frequent in uploading videos. He uploads 1 video in a week. But the amount of response the video gets is immense. He gets around 500,000 views on the video he posts every week. With a viewership this huge, he almost earns a good deal of money just from ads. This estimates to be around $900 per day. That sums up to $330,000 annually just from YouTube ads.

Joe also collaborates with fellow Youtubers. This collaboration between Youtubers in turn benefits all the Youtubers involved. His famous video Christiano Ronaldo Picking Up Girls has got about 20 million views. In this video, he pranked people with a Christiano Ronaldo get up. Girls got picked up easily which made this one a hilarious piece of work.

Joe Weller Net Worth

The estimate value of his net worth is 1.5 million. Joe Weller has launched his brand “Legitimate” and gets extra cash from the selling of his T-shirt with the brand name on.

As mentioned before, he is also a music star. He has uploaded 8 songs on his You Tube channel. Most of his songs are based on football. However the song that made it to top 30 UK charts was a non-football song. Its title was “Wanna Do ft. Emil”.

Joe runs multiple YouTube channels and one channel contributes to the popularity of another channel. His acute mind and confidence to be heard makes him a celebrity in general public.

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