Jimmy Fallon Net Worth 2018

By | April 9, 2018

It takes a lot of effort to get popular these days. With so many domains of art and skills coming up and increasing number of people in each domain, it takes a lot to be in people’s mind and get public attention. Jimmy Fallon is not an exception. He did a lot of hard work and thanks to his industrious nature; he established a name for himself after being associated to Television industry.

Jimmy Fallon

Early Life and Education

Jimmy Fallon’s real name is James Thomas Fallon. His date of birth is September the 17th, 1974. He was born in a place that is considered a neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. His parents were Gloria and James W. Fallon. His father worked for IBM, Kingston in New York. He attended Roman Catholic School St. Mary of the Snow. His parents were considered quite overprotective of James and his sister.

James had considered being a priest while he was at school. Recording the radio program Dr. Demonto Show made him more exposed to comedy and hence he got inclined towards performing comedy. He used to record the show late night. In his adolescence, he was totally obsessed with a late night program Saturday Night Live. He used to watch it religiously. He was also inclined towards music and performing Fallon went to The College of Saint Rose but got dropped out of college.


He was very passionate for Saturday Night Live. Since his teen years, his one mission in life was to become a host of SNL. He once mentioned in his early years that he made a commitment to himself that if he couldn’t make it to Saturday Night Live show before the age of 25, he would kill himself. He would always wish, pray and dream of being on Saturday Night Live show.

He was able to go for an audition in 1997 but. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful to make it to the show. Instead he was offered a role from WB. He made sure that there exists a clause in the contract so that whenever he got a chance to join Saturday Night Live, he would immediately move. Later Fallon got lucky and cleared the auditions the second time at the age of 23.

Net worth of Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is a rich guy. He has a net worth of $45 Million USD. Thanks to his Late night shows and a few films namely Almost Famous which got released in 2000, Taxi (which was a big overall failure released in 2004) and Fever Pitch. Apart from that, he also published a book that comprised of his emails to his sister. The book was titled “I Hate this place: A Pessimist’s guide to Life”.

The book got published in 1999 and was a good hit because of Fallon’s comedian nature. A major contribution to his net worth was made when he was hosting the show Late Night, he was earning a salary of $11 million USD a year.

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