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By | April 11, 2018

James J. Cramer is a TV show host and an Analyst and has made money in big numbers. He is a best-selling book’s author and also has been a hedge fund manager in the past.

Early Life and Education

Jim Cramer was born in Pennsylvania in the year 1955 to a Jewish family. His parents were Louise A. Cramer and N. Ken Cramer. His mother was an artist. He went to a high school in Montgomery County. He graduated from Harvard in1977 and got a B.A degree in government. After that in 1984, he got a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School.

Jim Cramer


He started his early career as a reporter. His love for journalism was highlighted back in College when he became the Editor-In-Chief of The Harvard Crimson. After graduating he did several entry level reporting jobs which include covering Teddy Bundy’s murder in Tallahassee, Florida. Cramer was one of the first few reporters at American Lawyer.

In his time at Law school, Cramer started to invest in stock market. In 1996, he co-founded TheStreet.com and is serving as an advisor and also as a market commentator to TheStreet.com.

Throughout his career he has hosted multiple finance related show. His most popular one is “Mad Money with Jim Carmer” was from his career in CNBC. Further he appeared in a radio show: “Jim Cramer’s Real Money”. One of the hit ones was “Take Money and run”.

Cramer went into a set of controversies throughout his career. One of them was his settling of Fox News over thestreet.com. Later in 2007, Cramer was considered guilty over transferring of confidential information. His most notable controversy was when he criticized over the spending plans and handling of administration under President Obama’s administration.

Cramer was noted in a White House Press release where it was quoted that Cramer mentioned it as the greatest wealth destruction of all times under any President. The White house had got offended and asked for explanations which Cramer was able to make quite proficiently.

Jim has been a stock-market expert and this has helped him boost his money. His success story teaches us one important lesson to make money: you don’t have to have a certain amount or type of training in order to be a stock market expert; you just have to have passion to learn in order to become an expert.

How Rich is Jim Cramer?

Jim Cramer has a net worth of USD $100 million. The major part of his net worth came from his work as a hedge fund manager, that job was a success and Jim made good money out of it. His success wasn’t confined to the job; he multiplied his income with his vision and created multiple streams of increasing incomes. He used diverse strategies for it.

TheStreet.com has also given his net worth a boost. There is a big market cap and cash flow on thestreet.com. Along with that, hosting the investment show “Mad Money” also made him increase his net worth to this extent. His vigilant nature makes him a good personality for stock market advice.

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