Jeff Hardy Net Worth 2018

By | April 11, 2018

Jeff Hardy is an American professional wrestler, singer and songwriter. He has been in wrestling industry for a long time and won a number of championships and awards. Currently, he is associated with the RAW brand of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Along with his brother, he formed a tag team and the duo was famous for taking part in tables, chairs and ladders. The current net worth of the wrestler is approximately $14 million.

Early Life

Jeff Hardy was born in 1977 in North Carolina, United States. He is the elder brother of Matt Hardy and he grew up with his brother. He has been through a lot of hardships and struggled to become rich and famous. When he was just nine-year-old, his mother died of brain cancer and it was a kind of shock for him. He could not understand what to do. But as we know life never stop after death of even the closest people, Jeff also came out of the time and started his education.

Jeff Hardy

He had a great passion for motorbikes since his childhood. When he was thirteen, he was gifted a motorbike and he was extremely to find that. That time, he participated in a contest and got his arm injured in an accident. Later, he went to attend his school and developed a great passion for football. At the same time, he was also interested in wrestling.

During the school days, he was active in football as well as wrestling. He played a number of tournaments. But a time came when he was offered to choose between football and wrestling and he went straight for wrestling. That was the first step towards his professional wrestling career.

When he was studying at school, he never had any interest in science subject. Rather, he was the guy who loved US History and arts subjects. When it comes to his music career and passion, he had inspiration for songwriting since his school days. That passion later turned into a professional work and he has done a remarkable work when it comes to his singing and songwriting career.


If we talk about his wrestling career, it started when he along with his brother joined hands with a friend of them and formed a wrestling foundation.

The three used to practice together. They had no professional coaches or trainers. But they used to watch videos of wrestling and practice the very same tricks. They kept working on their strengths and improved with the passage of time. The time came when they became famous and were successful to get a contract with WWE.

To the date, he is considered one of the best wrestlers in WWE and he had an amazing collaboration with his brother, Matt Hardy. He is married to Beth Britt. The couple met in 1999 and got married in 2011. They have two children together and are living a very happy life. If we summarize the life of the wrestler, he is undoubtedly a very successful professional wrestler and has gathered a lot of wealth as well.

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