J Prince Net Worth 2018

By | May 11, 2018

J Prince is an American businessman and CEO of Rap-a-Lot-Record in Houston. He has been tagged as the most successful CEO in the business sector. He is also popular for his charity works and helping the youth build a peaceful and productive community. He has been working as the manager for finding boxing talents and Floyd Mayweather Jr and Andre Ward are his finds. He makes most of his money from business and working as CEO. According to current reports, his net worth is estimated to be $45 million.

Early Life

J Prince whose full name is James Prince was born in 1964 in Houston. He has been working as a rap promoter for the last 20 years and helped a number of rap artists. He is now more seen helping and promoting work for the poor people and communities. He has his own organisation that aims to help the children, kids and young people so that they can find better opportunities in life and start better lives with better employment opportunities. He is doing really a great job and is considered the best philanthropist in the US.

J Prince

It would not be a surprise for his fans to know that there is an official James Prince day celebrated in Houston after he was honoured on 30th January 2007 by the City Council and the Houston Mayor. He has built Houston’s 5th Ward in order to help the underprivileged people. His point of view of helping the poor and needy has earned him great respect across globe and world will always remember him in the best words. He is a very well-know and respected personality in Houston.

The facility being built with his support is located near to the Prince Boxing Complex and it’s a million dollar facility that would have support for thousands of the people in the area. He is all ready to offer every kind of support to the teens and young guys including computer courses and athletic support as well. He has also started his support program that educated the teens and young people about HIV/AIDS.

He has also been very active in supporting the black community and took a number of initiatives for their help. His belief is to change the world and make it a better place for everyone. He says everyone deserved the equal opportunities. He is a man of actions, he doesn’t only talk about changes but he is always ready to handle challenges and problems.

Personal Life

James has earned a lot of wealth with respect. Though he is active in community works and charity so his net worth might be a surprise for few people. It should be remembered that he own a rap production company and the band has come up with a number of best albums. His whole net worth has been earned from his company. His band has a lot of respect in the country as well. He is working to expand the network of his company.

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