ImmortalHD Net Worth 2018

By | April 7, 2018

The famous Russian Gamer, known popularity by his nick name Immortal, is a rich guy. Thanks to his personality and hard work. His real name is Aleksandr Vitalyevich Tchernev-Marchant and is also known as Alexandry Vitaly. He has become popular by his gamming skills and for uploading entertaining and gaming content on YouTube. He has a large number of fans. He is also famous as Aleks.

Early Life


He was born on 1st September, 1992. He was eight when his family shifter to United States. Now he is in New York where he runs his YouTube Channel. He is a high school drop-out and hence runs his own YouTube channel for a living. Initially he had joined school for a degree in Graphic Designing but later, he lost interest in that and he proceeded to become a Youtuber and gamer. His channel has got him quiet rich.

He has mentioned that he is the adopted child of his parents and he is from Russia, yet he cannot speak Russian because he has been living in the United States since a very early age. His favorite color is Red. His rapper name is 4L3KS. And his name includes HD which actually means Hot Dog. He has also played baseball at a younger age. He had a tarantula that passed away.

YouTube Career

His career started when he started to upload videos on his friend’s YouTube channel. His friend’s name is Sly. Together, they made a cool team of making videos. He gave MineCraft Machinimas a whole lot new dimension. He gained much popularity through that. He replaced Lyle, one of his long term friends. Aleks officially became a Creature after much discussion during RTX 2013. But later, due to differences with the creative team, he officially left The Creatures on April 28th, 2016.

Aleks faced the issue of cybercrime. His channel was attacked, and a lot of videos were deleted from the channel. His friend Sly, however, helped him regain a lot of his viewers and subscribers by requesting them to join Aleks’s channel again. He calls his subscribers as Nobs. He also calls the subscribers as Homies since he has strong affiliation with his friend Sly. He hosted and edditedd  First Five, the Creature Hub Series. He has made trolling guides, under the name Beta, about League of Legends.

Catchy Phrases

Aleks is known for his phrases. He is a cool dude whose choice of words is also quite amazing. Some of his interesting phrases from his videos are: “Damn Dude”, “Too Spooky for me!”, “Buy here often?”, “I’m not even mad.”, Smoke Meth, Hail Satan!”, “I’m gonna’ have to edit this part out.”, “My name’s Aleks, with a k. The k is silent.” ,” Together Knights”, “You’ve been Bamboozled!”

Net worth of ImmortalHD

His net worth is 600 thousand US Dollars. He has an annual salary of 200 thousand Dollars. All of his income is through ads on his YouTube channel. He has got much fame and appreciation at such an early age.

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